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  1. Been fishing a few times to Brittany and I agree it's magnificent!
  2. Sounds like you are on a mission! I do feel sorry for anyone going through this especially with lending as it is. We were in a chain of 7 including a first time buyer and it's been nothing short of horrendous. We have been haemorrhaging money like it's going out of fashion. I'm just glad the ordeal is FINALY done almost. Talk about tip runs, we fillied a 12 yard skip to bursting with clutter and still needed storage to make the place saleable. We are under no illusions that the same won't happen again so we are going for the minimalist approach this time. Best of luck mate
  3. I'm sure the international banksters will be wanting to lay claim to that. I guess if they did then diamonds would become utterly worthless
  4. My girl is 6 going on 30 and loves astronomy and space. Not near the new forest but West Midlands is close! Pm forthcoming
  5. Well the previous house fell through... And then the next... But 3rd time lucky and after 4 months of stress and anxiety we are finally moving to our new house. Nice 4 bed detached that is more family friendly than astro friendly but there are clear skies to the south being on the edge of a town. Can't wait to get out of this poxy little terrace cottage and get the scope out in the garden. It's not seen the stars since we started this whole thing so will be dusted off and in the garage. We move on Friday!!
  6. I want to know about the insulation too. Makes it look like a satellite and that's a good thing
  7. Hi and welcome to the SGL!
  8. Well I hope that's the case. I think it's time for them to reveal that the moon is really made of cheese, as a non American I'm wondering how many new tv series Obama introduces?
  9. Just to add. Why did Obama introduce the show? Rather than making it extra special as the producers probably intended I got the feeling of paranoia and suspicion as to its content based on his association. Call me paranoid.
  10. A beautiful show. Just watched my recording. Stunning and humbling. As a beginner or an expert (not that eny human is an expert yet) it's well worth a watch. Black kid from the New York Bronx meets carl Sagan and is following up his show 40 years later. Wonderfull
  11. Fantastic review there Zakalwe. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'll have to buy the original soon
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