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  1. I was just thinking about looking into this a few moments ago. I just got back in from my first proper viewing in the back garden - I managed to find Jupiter, but it took 20 minutes of scanning all over in the general direction to find it - and unfortunately I couldn't lock it into place as I still don't fully understand the controls for the pitch (?) of the telescope yet! I'm sure it would have been much easier if I had a way to jump star-to-star to it. Thanks very much for this!
  2. ToTheWorld


    Welcome to the lounge from a fellow newbie with your goal being astrophotography make sure you're patient - I've learned first hand that your expectations can often exceed the reality of your first scope, athough there are still breathtaking sights to see!
  3. ToTheWorld


    Welcome to the lounge
  4. I live on the edge of town myself and looking towards the town gives a terrible orange glow to the sky, however looking out towards the countryside gives me some pretty decent darkness. Being out in the middle of one of these fields and looking towards sky that is away from the towns should surely give some reasonable views for you.
  5. Welcome back to SGL! I'm sure -40 temperatures beats any excuses the rest of us had kicking about.
  6. I'm new myself, so far everyone seems very welcome! Glad to have you aboard.
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    just starting

    Welcome to the lounge
  8. ToTheWorld


    Hey there, welcome to the lounge. I'm a rookie myself but I would imagine the more stability you can achieve the better, so definitely go for a tripod if you can.
  9. The warm welcome's much appreciated, hopefully I'll see you all around the forum. I live in Teesside, you're from the region too I'm guessing? Cheers for the recommendation, I was just thinking of looking for some darker areas to head out to.
  10. Good job guys! I'm eager for a clear night so I can begin searching for it myself. Any pics?
  11. Hey everyone, my name's Tom and I've recently purchased my first proper telescope after a near-miss with a dodgy one from GroupOn. I bought the Celestron Astromaster 114EQ after seeing it winning Telescopes's 2012 and 2013 'recommended beginner's scope', as well as being highly-recommended in other places. I originally bought a Zennox 700x76 from GroupOn but swiftly realised it was a pile of garbage before returning it - a lucky escape! I hope you're all well and look forward to building the hobby up , along with my knowledge of it in the future.
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