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  1. I didn't mean to ninja this thread, sorry about that! That being said I've read on another forum that the tripod being level is all that important so I will try out the leg adjustments this weekend!!!
  2. Thanks Michael! You are correct in your thinking. When I got the 27 sec exposure I had the tripod level and done the SkyAlign; however, I should point out that my 27 seconds also got me a little bit of rotating stars because of the Alt/Az alignment. I do have Polar Align on my hand controller, NexStar+, and since building my wedge I have been doing alignments using it. It has worked best in EQ North Two Star Align vs the one I want to use which is EQ North AutoAlign. Since I have no Alt/Az adjustment screws if I make the adjustments via the tripod legs will it not matter that my tripod is then not level? 5x30 sec exposure of M42; Alt/Az tracking and stacked:
  3. Looks great! I've roughed out a DIY Wedge for my little Celestron 90SLT. I can barely get 2.5 seconds of exposure of M42 but I was able to get decent 27 second exposures in the Alt/Az before. One thing that is frustrating when reading instructions on setting up Polar Alignment is that I don't have Alt and Az adjustment screws. Without being able to make those adjustments should I ditch the idea of AP on this wedge?
  4. Thanks Dave! That picture was taken with the diagonal removed and the camera inserted directly into the draw-tube...
  5. Thanks kalasinman! I searched the forums before posting but didn't see that post.
  6. I've now had my Celestron 90SLT for just over a year. For the last couple months I've been taking lots of pictures using a Canon xsi. I have a bahtinov focus mask and that helps tremendously; however, I still have focusing problems because I believe that I have a cullimation issue: The image is a star way out of alignment and it is clearly off center. Is this a cullimation issue? If so, I've seen how to fix that on every type of scope except a MAK... Thanks, fat
  7. NASA has a Spot the Station email alert service. I know that the ISS is traveling extremely fast; however, is it possible to see it through the telescope if you know where it is supposed to be? fat
  8. Welcome! I too am a new member. I posted about my early frustration with my new/first telescope and everyone was great with tips on how to get going. fat
  9. Thanks everyone for the Hellos and tips!!! Update: Last night I was able to see Jupiter and two bands around her center, plus four Moons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an awesome site! It was too cloudy when it was light out to be able to calibrate the Finder to the Eyepiece; however, once the skies started to clear and I was able to find bright points of light that enabled me to calibrate them close enough. This is not meant to be any offense to anyone who developed, worked on, or appreciates the SkyAlign... but I Hate it! Out of the four times that I know I was following the instructions correctly it "succeeded" once. I was happy. Then I looked up, saw Orion's belt, used the controller to go to the Orion Constellation or Nebula, I forget which, and the telescope started to move. To my dismay it was about 180 degrees off and even being a noobie it was pretty easy to tell since the Belt was very obvious in the night sky. Next I grabbed my wife's tablet and downloaded a sky app. I used the Two Star Align, found the location of two of the stars on the app, and successfully aligned to those two stars. From there I could tell it where to point and it would go! When I plugged in Jupiter it was in the area but off target. Then I would go back to Sirius and Rigel, the two stars I used, and those would be very accurate. This doesn't bother too much since I am getting the hang of how to maneuver the telescope and what to look for in the Eyepiece. I had a great time and I can't wait to get out of the city with this!!! Again, I truly appreciate everyone's time and comments and hopefully will get to meet some of you LAer's out there
  10. Hey Dana, Penguins, Steelers, and Pirates!!! I'm a transplant from PA, but I have been here since 1990. In fact the Pens are here tomorrow night to play the Kings and I'll be two rows from the glass on the Kings goal line... Likelihood of being on TV is quite high with these seats.
  11. I've been hitting the Like button for all of the hellos and Welcomes because I want to show I do appreciate people's comments. If I cease to Like every hello from here on out please know that I do enjoy being welcomed!!!
  12. Sorry to brag, or maybe not, but it has been in the 80s here lately. Was actually cold last night setting up the telescope... maybe high 60s! I do feel bad because my Mother lives in PA where it is 5 but feels like -6. And that is why I left there as soon as I graduated HS. Keep us the Rock of Ages!!!
  13. Thanks for the Welcomes and info! I really appreciate the advice!!! I get to take a long lunch today, came in a couple hours early, so I will try the tips given for daylight. A friend may be going out with his club this Saturday and if he does and I can join him I will definitely be taking my new baby Thanks again! fat
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