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  1. thank you both very much i will have a look and a play about.
  2. Hi all, I've got a new camera and have just been playing about trying to get use to my camera. I've taken a few really good shots of the moon and Jupiter but have no idea what software to use to get a really great image? I've got registax but cant seem to get anything from it, and deep sky stacker which I'm guessing is just deep space imaging? Can anyone recommend some good software to get the planetary pictures processed? Thanks Mark
  3. Hi All I've recently got a cannon 7D and wanted to know if anyone has any starting tips or settings to get started with astrophotography? What do people recommend in: ISO? AWB? Shutter speed? or any other settings? Regards Mark
  4. thanks all, I've gone for the 7D, cant wait to go pick it up and get started with some astrophotography. any one got any tips for setting wise for the 7D? I've bought a remote as well so I don't need to keep touching the camera.
  5. Hi all, I've got the opportunity to buy my dads Canon 7D camera but was wanting to know if anyone recommends this camera for? I was looking at modded camera's and started looking at CCD's as well but i have a budget of no more than £350. Can anyone help? Regards Mark P.S i have a 150p skywatcher, EQ-3
  6. Thankyou very much, think it will have to be the 600D :-D
  7. Hi all i'm looking at 2 cannon cameras around the same price but unsure what is best can anyone help? Cannon 100D Cannon 600D both on http://cheapastrophotography.vpweb.co.uk/ Thankyou Skywatcher 150p, duel axis motor, EQ3 stand
  8. I have around £400 to play with for a camera but not i am unsure which will be best, Orion StarShoot G3 Deep Space Color Imaging Camera £340 or any other CCD camera Or a digital modified camera from http://cheapastrophotography.vpweb.co.uk/ I have a sky watcher 150p, with EQ-3 mount and a duel axis motor which would people recommend Thanks
  9. Well the telescope i have is a Skywatcher 150p and i have an EQ-3 mount and a duel axis motor. i'll try that website aswell thankyou.
  10. Hi all, im really looking forward to trying astrophotography but before i go out and spend a load on a modded camera i've borrowed a cannon EOS 700D from my dad to see how i get on, ive also orded a lead so i can do long exposures without wobbling the stand! Does anyone know the best settings to programme in on a non modded DSLR P.S would anyone recommend a modded DSLR for under £400? Thanks all.
  11. Ok cheers for that. no im not expecting amazing results like most photos on here with me being new to astonomy and not having £1000's worth of equipment or scope, but its a good starting point and if i enjoy it more an more i'll be upgrading to upgrade my viewing experience
  12. Hi auspom, ive got an EQ-3 mount and have bought a Duel axis motor for it aswell. well i would of liked to of photographed both really,
  13. Hi i've had my scope (skywatcher 150p) now since febuary this year and loving the views but really would love to start the astrophotography bit to it and capture what i see. would anyone recommend a camera under £400 for astrophotography and best place maybe? Thanks in advance
  14. Does anyone know what the modified camera's do to the standed ones? better focus, iso's, bulb? or does it just mean its ready set to take astro photo's without playing to get the right settings?
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