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  1. Hi Thanks for all your advice everyone. I have made a DIY phone holder from the instructions of Sky at Night Magazine. I hope to try it out at weekend (if weather improves). I will give all the apps mentioned a try and see what happens. The one time I did get a phone pic of the moon was when we went to Greenwich a few months ago, but they do have a "slightly" bigger telescope than mine I'll post if I get anything decent. Thanks again ducks!
  2. Afternoon everyone I am currently trying to save for a DSLR camera and in the mean time I've read that some people think that it is just as good to use a smart phone camera. I've got a Samsung S4 mini smartphone and was wondering what apps would be good for astroimaging? I thought using my smartphone would be good practice until I can get my camera. Any advice would be appreciated (as I don't always trust reviews on apps as being genuine). Thanks
  3. Afternoon everyone Hope you're having a good day I am determined to go out more with my telescope this year and would like to buy a "proper" traveling case. Any ideas on which site is best to buy one from? I don't want to spend a lot of money but I want good protection. This would be for my telescope, mount and tripod. Thanks duck!
  4. Thank you for discussing this. I've just had a new skywatcher telescope and was wondering where to store it. I don't have a garage or shed so it's currently still in its box. I think I will out it up in our spare room.
  5. Hi I have just been on www.earthsky.org/space and they seem to have some photos that were taken from London College. I have read that it should get brighter over the next two weeks, so I am praying for the clouds to clear here in the midlands.
  6. Hi everyone. My names Lisa and I currently live in a little place called Bottomhouse in Staffordshire (about 6 mins drive from Alton Towers Theme Park). I live with my partner Dave on our farm, which is good as it is at the top of the hill above all city lights. When the clouds do clear, we do get some pretty good dark skies (being on the edge of the Peak District). I try to use my Skywatcher telescope as often as I can and we try to take it away with us as often as possible. My next step is astro photography with a CCD camera, I currently use my smart phone attached to my telescope. Not bad
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