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  1. I was out with Jupiter for an hour last night too at around 9pm. GRS was indeed in the middle of the planet (glad someone else confirmed that, that's made me very pleased to have seen that for the 1st time) but no shadow transits that I seen. Couldn't get a decent focus on it at all, tho the strong winds were possibly not helping with that
  2. You'll possibly want a good rugged laptop for use outside. I dont do photography, but I use my Lenovo Z570 out in the workshop to hook up to tractors and cars to tune them. Its seen a few knocks and has yet to show any signs of slowing down. The missus also dropped the iron on it the other week, laptop was fine but we now need a new iron
  3. Pic of what I made if it helps
  4. You can always cobble one together yourself. Bit of old plywood and batons was all I needed to make a rather dapper box for mine, and it cost nothing
  5. I got a 8mm BST last week for my birthday. Haven't been able to use it yet due to horrendous cloud, but fingers crossed that the BBCs prediction for a clear night tomorrow holds true. Can't wait to get it trained on Jupiter for a decent look at this gas giant.
  6. I got a BST 8mm for my birthday 2 days ago. Not had a chance to use it yet due to cloud/rain, but once I do I'm sure it'll please me when trained on Jupiter.
  7. I have the same instability issue with my Eq3-2 mount. This weekend I'm going to fill the tripod legs with lead shot. That should add enough weight to help the issue, plus it saves me lugging around extra weights as it'll be part of the tripod.
  8. Two lovely pups you got there Weather is the same here, were gonna grab some dinner then pack up and head out to a dark site for a few hours. Its only 10mins drive away Shame Im working at 6am tomorrow morning, but hey, a few hours less sleep probably wont kill me
  9. That makes sense. Sounds a good enough explanation to me!
  10. What's the difference between seeing and transparency? See this words threw about a lot but don't understand the difference.
  11. If you have some spare wood, time and tools you can always fabricate your own. I knocked this case up for my scope last night. Works a treat. Maybe a bit heavy for all its holding, but I'm a big strong lad, I can cope
  12. Fatrick

    Scope Case

  13. Well, that explains why I have trouble picking out DSOs from myback yard then. I thought LP wasn't too bad here as we live on the edge of a small town, but there you go. Guess until we move house into real countryside we may make an effort to go out to rural sites.if were.planning on looking at anything other than Jupiter and the moon
  14. I use a pair of work trousers with the knees pads in. I seem to spend most of my sessions on my kness trying to look through my finder scope. I think I'll need a RA one very shortly!
  15. Ok, thanks for the replies. I'll keep them in my case on dewy nights from now on, see if that helps. Tonight was the first still night I had been out with the scope, a taste of wind seems to keep the dew at bay more.
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