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  1. After getting up at 5, i waited till 6 for the chance to see it, then, BAM! SE was the direction, after admiring, I went to change lenses. By the time i got back the sly had lightened to much, however, I am happy to have observed it.
  2. I actually recently checked out this, i do more research, but thanks for the tip anyway.
  3. Sorry, thats supposed to be how did the universe.
  4. I am looking into scientific, and more directly, astronomical theories. Anything from Planet X to Why did earth begin. No theory is unacceptable. My hope is to discuss and learn about each one. I'll share one: Universal Lensing. While watching a documentary on Youtube, I noted a comment mentioning that the only reason the universe seems to be expanding is a lensing effect. The further we look, the further we seem to be able to see. Pros: May be caused by unknown matter. (Dark) Cons: Fails to give a reason for lensing. (I.E what makes the "lens") Explains why the universe
  5. Apollo459


    Hi there, Welcome to SGL.
  6. Despite starting as dull and overcast, this night eventually cleared off and allowed me to (Finally) get an exellent viewing session. I mainly just observed Orion, however I also got a wonderful view of: Jupiter, Rigel ( In Orion), Ursa Major, (The Plough anyway) and Polaris, all in all I think it's exellent for one night. I am hoping to get another night hopefully not cut short by clouds or cold weather.
  7. For most of us, astronomy is a life long hobby. It's simply fascinating staring into the depths of the universe in awe. However, we all had to start somewhere, and become interested in the glory of space and other celestial bodies. What made you want to learn more, to crave knowledge. For me personnally, my grade 9 science class. We had a unit in astronomy, before my interest in it was almost non-existant, however, being able to absorb such knowledge was amazing. I started reading as much as i could into astronamy on Wikipedia and the like. That Christmas I got my first telescope, a celestron
  8. Sorry for lack of info, this was a few weeks back, and after checking, yeah it was pleiades, thanks for your answers.
  9. I understand how our atmosphere refracts light, but when viewing stars I focused in on what lookes like a blob with the naked eye. Unfortunetly at the time i had no idea what I was observing, ut there was alot of flickering lights. I turned the knob so that all became pinheads of light. The cluster was to the east and a bit above Jupiter, does any one know what cluster it may be?
  10. Hello, I am an amatuer astronomer hoping to start geting more serious and even pursue a line of work in astronomy. While I read up on topics themselves, some details remain blurred, hence my Newbie questions. I learned alot from reading decided to join the community.
  11. Fom what observing I've done along with reading, I originally thought the 20mm eyepiece would magnify more than the 10mm, is it the higher the number, the lower the mag, or vice versa?
  12. Thanks for answering, Yeah I finally am getting used to astronomy, and am planning on building an observatory, thanks.
  13. I own a celestron Astromaster and in the star diagnal the moon is not reversed, it still looks right, however I read it should be, as well, i think jupiter was reversed, but i don't know, any advice?
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