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  1. Skywatcher 150p eq3-2 mount , dual axis motor drive , various eyepieces , nikon D500 dslr . Light polution to the MAX !

  2. Skywatcher 150p eq3-2 mount , dual axis motor drive , various eyepieces , nikon D500 dslr . Light polution to the MAX !

  3. Thanks for your help guys , muchly appreciated I think I might have cracked it (not literally) One thing I did notice wich may have been throwing me off was when I tighten the laser into the eyepiece it shows differently every time . What I mean is it all depends on how I tighten up the two holding screws in the eyepiece of the focuser , if I remove the laser and re insert it it will 9/10 show off the mark . I can adjust it by loosening the screws on the focuser and re tightening . Is this a common problem or has anyone else encountered this happening with their laser ? Cheers Dave
  4. thanks for the replys guys , the mount on the secondary mirror does have some little dinks in where the grub screws have bitten into it , I thought I would be clever and turn the mount 180% so the grub screws don't line up with the existing marks anymore , this way I thought it would stop the need of a washer . with this said I still cant seem to get it right . maybe im missing something or just way off . cheers Dave
  5. hi all . after spending most of the day cleaning my secondary mirror ive now fitted all the bits back together and im having a night mare trying to get it all collimated again , im starting to think something is a bit dodgy somewhere . the first thing I noticed is when I attached the mirror back to the spider the base of the mirror mount doesn't sit flat onto the spider even with all the grub screws fully retracted . then putting the spider back into the tube the fins seem a little twisted even before they are tightend . now im having issues lining up the secondary with the eyepiece , ive had it pretty much bang on centre but when I adjust the grub screws to line up the laser to the centre spot on the primary it throws it miles out again and I can only see half the primary through the secondary . so I start lining up the primary with the laser and its a mile out through the eyepiece . am I missing something here ??? better still , does anyone know to a place in the west mids where I could take the scope and get it sorted ? sorry to be a pain in the forum but its one big learning curve for me . cheers and beers Dave
  6. Thanks for the replays guys . Thought I had better check befor using it . Cheers and beers Dave
  7. Hi all , just been watching some videos on how to clean a mirror on my telescope . The reason I need to clean my secondary is because as I was collimating I clumsily put my fingers all over my secondary mirror as I was lining it up with the eye priece . The question is ..... Is r/o water the same as distilled ? I ask this as I'm also a keeper of marine fish and have plenty of r/o . Or does it have to be distilled ? Many thanks Dave
  8. Daveyboy

    Another new Member

    hi david , welcome along
  9. don't believe it .... justb got my coat on and my floppy hat and guess what .... CLOUDY. great . lol
  10. we have actually got clear skys at the moment (yipeee) see how long it lasts ay !
  11. hi codnorpaul. I have a skywatcher 150p on an eq3-2 mount . cheers Dave
  12. hi guys thanks for the replys typical really lol I buy something I don't reall need by the sounds of it . so would you advise I make a dew shield for mine ? I thought they were mainly used on cassergrain scopes to stop the front lense dewing up . maybe im far off . cheers Dave
  13. hi guys firstly I would like the pros and cons of using a dew heater on a reflector scope . also me being a complete novice , where is the best position to wrap these around the scope ? front or rear by the primary mirror . may seem like a dumb question but on reading different posts I get the impression that the mirror needs to be at ambient temp or even cooler . putting the dew heater near the mirror would this effect viewing on a cold night ? . many thanks Dave
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