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  1. Hi, I have a astromaster 130eq and recently brought a seben laser collimator. After watching reading several posts and watching some utube videos thought I'd give it a go. Firstly checked the collimator which was fine and didn't need collimating, then the secondary mirror which was aligned well and no issues in adjusting the primary. However once the primary was adjusted if I wound up the focus tube the laser would drift off true, then winding the focus tube back down the laser would go back to centre. Is this normal, is it an alignment error in the focuser or is the mirror not collimated correctly. If it is an alignment issue in the focuser should I collimate the scope with the focuser half out? Thanks in advance Tim
  2. Thanks all for your psts NGC 1502, think you've hit the nail on the head. the focus tube does wobble a littleand the issue i am having (the way the object is moving in the ep) would be explained by this. Sorry to be a pain but you referred to some careful DIY, does this involve taking the focus tube off? Is there anywere will a description on how to do this. Thanks in advance Tim
  3. Hi, I have an astromaster 130eq, the focus wheel seems a bit sticky and when using a higher powered ep like a 8mm when turning the focus wheel in one direction to the other direction the image I a trying to focus on moves across the view in the ep, even when the focus wheel is moved very slowly. Hope what I've stated makes sense and is this normal? thanks Tim
  4. Hi, Probably a stupid question but I wear glasses and have stigmatism. I generally take my glasses off when looking through the EP but seen a couple of comments referring to wearing you glasses. What's the difference? Thanks in advance Tim
  5. Dear All Newbie to the forum, I purchased a astromaster 130EQ at christmas and have had one or two interesting evening when cloud cover has been minimal. Great view of Jupiter and its moons. However, I have one problem. I live in a fantastic location for skywatching, on a hill overlooking the sea with great southern views of the sea and sky. Unfortunately we have a lot of trees around our propoerty and any practical position in the garden for me to set up means I cannot see polaris to align my equitorial mount. We are at approx 48 degrees latitude so have set the mount up on that basis to date. Is lining up with polaris essential or is there anything else i should do? Thanks in advance Tim
  6. Just joined the site after reviewing posts as a guest for a couple of weeks. Some great info and goods advice, thanks all. I brought a Astromaster 130EQ over the Christmas break and took it out this evening as it was really the first clear night this year. Fantastic, within a couple of minutes I managed to locate Jupiter and got a cracking view of Jupiter and its moons. Hooked I think. Look forward to lots more help and advice in the future! thanks again Tim
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