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  1. Hi Peter, sorry about the delay in replying to you, been working away. Yes collimated all OK, lot easier than I thought, maybe I was just lucky.
  2. Thanks Don I'll give it a try. Also you don't have to worry about tracking to keep the point of light centred. At least then you only have to fine tune collimating on a real star
  3. I had no choice really. I bought my 11" Celestron secondhand for a really good price. Hand a few software issues, hand controller got a bit sluggish and fading LCD display. Bought a new one, then had to upgrade the motor control board to get all working together. Then one of the secondary mirror screws came out whilst trying to make a small correction. So went for the Bobs Knobs upgrade.
  4. That's the way I did it, removed the secondary mirror from the corrector plate by undoing the knurled retaining ring. Removed the secondary assembly, changed all three screws for Bob's Knobs, then popped it back into the locating ring, aligning the tiny pin and tightened the locking nut. Fastar word is the same way up. I've done a rough alignment visually, now just need a nice clear steady night or two for the star alignment. This part I've never done, so patience and practice :))
  5. Thanks Klingon, I knew changing the secondary screws was the easy part :))
  6. Thanks, I'll get it roughly collimated with a friend then get out on the next clear night and fine tune it.
  7. Astrobod


    Hi and welcome. Don't be afraid to ask questions, there are many members here on SGL that are very friendly and knowledgeable. I've asked loads and always got great replies.
  8. I've just had to replace the secondary mirror screws, and have replaced them with some "Bob's Knobs". I've read guides on collimating and they seem straight forward, but some say you need to use a reticule eyepiece. Some advise would be very gratefully received, Ron
  9. Hi Dean, all taken with my 11" SCT with Nikon D5400. As for tracking, nothing special just the Celestron fork mount tracking, but taken time to get the mount level and GPS aligned with three stars. Also I do a realignment during long observing sessions. Also choose a really clear, stable night to do any astrophotography. My pics are nothing compared to other members on the forum. You should really look at other peoples galleries, they are stunning. I've also got a Celestron Nextimage CCD camera but not got to grips with processing and stacking yet. Ron
  10. Hi Dean, I've got a Celestron Powertank 7.5Ah, lasts about 4 hours with dew heater and tracking. So instead of buying the more expensive 17Ah tank I made my own. I bought a large Stanley toolbox (£40) with wheels and internal accessory tray. Fitted a 38Ah gel battery (£45) into a battery box I bought off eBay (£10), fitted that inside the toolbox at the axel end. Connected that to a four outlet accessory block from Halfords (£4.99), also fitted and inline 10A fuse. Works fine, I can observe all night long even with the dew heater on, and keep any my accessories and bits and bobs in one place. It's also easy to transport everything out into the garden, and it doubles as a seat. Ron
  11. Hi Martin, hope you enjoy the forum. There are plenty of very knowledgeable people on the forum who can answer any of your questions. I too was very on Astronomy in my younger years, then work got in the way and a growing family. Now back into it, just waiting for clear skies.
  12. Hi Jürgen, you are very welcome. You seem very experienced in photography, so I hope to be able to learn from you as I am only just starting out in astrophotography, Ron
  13. Just spent the evening catching up the all the posts about Pluto & Charon, absolutely amazing pictures and data
  14. Hi just an update, it's been two months since I had the problem and now it's all sorted out. Very frustrating, but as suspected I needed a new motor control board, HC version 4.8 was not compatible with MC version 1.1. So David Hinds fitted new board, all worked fine except scope would track west for east and east for west. Turns out very early GPS's had a fault on the MC board and were fitted with a short reversing lead, and yes I had one. Removed shorting lead and all works perfect
  15. Thanks for the advise, still waiting for Widescreen to get back to me.
  16. Thanks, I've got a RS232 cable. Nick at Widescreen is now in contact with Celestron regarding CFM software for me, so hope this will sort it out. Hand controller is running version 4.8 and motor control is 1.01.0 so I this these are incompatible and as you said the motor control software requires updating
  17. Welcome Treehopper. Seeing conditions play a vital part of seeing or not seeing. Patience and take you time focucing, small movements. I get really good results with the stock Celestron 20mm that came with my scope. I've take a few photos with a 32mm projection eyepiece and my Nikon D5300 and T mount adaptor, not brilliant shots by SGL but I was pleased as a beginner imager, Ron
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