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  1. Hi Peter, sorry about the delay in replying to you, been working away. Yes collimated all OK, lot easier than I thought, maybe I was just lucky.
  2. Thanks Don I'll give it a try. Also you don't have to worry about tracking to keep the point of light centred. At least then you only have to fine tune collimating on a real star
  3. I had no choice really. I bought my 11" Celestron secondhand for a really good price. Hand a few software issues, hand controller got a bit sluggish and fading LCD display. Bought a new one, then had to upgrade the motor control board to get all working together. Then one of the secondary mirror screws came out whilst trying to make a small correction. So went for the Bobs Knobs upgrade.
  4. That's the way I did it, removed the secondary mirror from the corrector plate by undoing the knurled retaining ring. Removed the secondary assembly, changed all three screws for Bob's Knobs, then popped it back into the locating ring, aligning the tiny pin and tightened the locking nut. Fastar word is the same way up. I've done a rough alignment visually, now just need a nice clear steady night or two for the star alignment. This part I've never done, so patience and practice :))
  5. Thanks Klingon, I knew changing the secondary screws was the easy part :))
  6. Thanks, I'll get it roughly collimated with a friend then get out on the next clear night and fine tune it.
  7. Hi John, transaction completed, Thanks. Not that often I'm in the right place a the right time.
  8. Hi John, well I think its sold then. pay by Paypal OK
  9. Hi John, am I right in assuming this would work with my Celestron SCT?
  10. Astrobod


    Hi and welcome. Don't be afraid to ask questions, there are many members here on SGL that are very friendly and knowledgeable. I've asked loads and always got great replies.
  11. I've just had to replace the secondary mirror screws, and have replaced them with some "Bob's Knobs". I've read guides on collimating and they seem straight forward, but some say you need to use a reticule eyepiece. Some advise would be very gratefully received, Ron
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