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  1. Hi guys. I have just taken delivery of an Altair Starwave 70mm ED Triplet APO. It looks awesome!!! It also came with a 0.8 reducer/flattened which was a nice surprise. I have also bought an exos-2 pcm8 mount and tripod and a 50mm guidescope. I cant wait to have a go at imaging with this setup. The mount came with a polar master and I already have a Canon 1100d and a qhy5iii462c. Apart from a bahtinov mask and a diagonal, is there anything else I'm likely to need other than a break in the weather? Does anyone else use a similar setup and do you have any tips you can share? Thanks. Peter.
  2. Thanks KP82 The mount i bought ended up being out of stock and it has taken me until yesterday to source a good used one at the right price. This one came with a power-pack and a polemaster, which I'm very pleased with. So, I then had a look at what funds I had left yesterday and decided to go for an ALTAIR STARWAVE 70 ED TRIPLET APO REFRACTOR. I have had to up my budget somewhat to buy it of course. I confess, I hadn't seen your post prior to making the purchase. I'm guessing its not a bad choice but please tell me your thoughts. I am now looking for a guide scope and bracket that will fit. Also, I believe I will need a flattener? So looking forward to receiving the scope. I am very impressed with the mount and can't wait to get the scope mounted and give it a try. Pete
  3. Hi guys. I've just bought the above mount online, due to the lack of skywatcher mounts out there at the moment, and I'm considering an Apo or refractor of some kind to do some imaging. My interests are both solar system and DSO so I know I may have to fork out for 2 scopes eventually as I really enjoy observing too. I currently have a Skywatcher 200 and a motorised eq5 coupled with an astroeq for tracking and goto. I have imaged with this setup before but I now want to progress. I have an unmodified 1100d and a qhy5iii426c colour camera. I have a decent laptop or tablet too. So.........suggestions for a decent imaging scope guys? I would like to keep the budget to roughly what I can sell the eq5 and 200p for. I don't mind adding to it for the right scope though. Your suggestions and advice will be greatly received and I'm really looking forward to trying out that great sounding new mount when it arrives. Will be nice to experiment with one of the lesser used mounts so to speak. Clear skies. Pete
  4. I have been absent from the Stargazers Lounge for a few years and I've just taken delivery of this camera in readiness to resume my astro imaging hobby. I have purchased a used Skywatcher 200p on a motorised Eq5 mount along with an astro eq and a few bits and bobs. I also own an unmoded canon 1100d which I'll eventually use for some dso imaging. This kit is similar to what I had a few years ago. I'm looking forward to trying out this new camera as both an imaging camera and an autoguider. it sounds rather good. So I'm wondering if anyone has one of these and I would love to see any images you have captured with it? Clear Skies Pete
  5. Are the usb cables really that critical when using the AstroEQ? I was slewing and tracking fine last night but when I came to start everything up tonight I had problems. Everything was working until I came to plug my vesta pro in. In between trying to focus the telescope and plugging the webcam in the link to the mount appears to have been severed. CDC wont connect to it so I tried different usb ports and tried re installing everything. The AstroEQ setup will not connect through Port 1 or Port 3 (the only options in the drop down menu). I tried another mini usb that came with one of my old cameras and same problem. Anyone else had similar problems? Pete
  6. That almost sounds like cheating!....Almost!....lol
  7. OK....All is working! Thanks for the help guys. I will play around with it and see that all is working correctly but it seems to be.
  8. 10 minutes!....well done mate!
  9. Cheers Tom. I have got past that stage now but I need to go back and key in the correct values you have just given me. I got an error message at the end of the setup saying that it was unable to connect to EQMOD so working on that now.
  10. 32 teeth on the motors but that doesnt work either!....lol...something simple no doubt.
  11. I got it installed but Im having issues with the configuration setup. I have keyed in Motor step angle of 1.8 degrees, motor gear ratio of 705 and worm gear ratio of 144. Ive then updated it and hit done. I keep getting the message "Write Failed!! Connection unavailable. Any Ideas?
  12. Never mind. Figured out the manual install....I think!
  13. Well it finally came this morning!...blumming post in Spain is Soooooo sloooooow! So.......My PC in my "Astro Room" is windows XP and Im damned if I can work out how to install the drivers from https://github.com/TCWORLD/AstroEQ/tree/master/Downloads Windows fails to install it from initial USB plug in so where do I go from here guys? Ive found the driver file on github but when I click on the file it is just a notepad doc. Is ths right or am I missing something? Pete
  14. Aragon hey! Good skies up there I assume? April on-wards would be best I agree. I find myself too busy in the summer to do any astronomy as my company is based in the tourism sector. 16 hour days are not uncommon for my wife and I during July, August and September. But then we get to play golf by day and astronomy by night in the quiet winter months. A trade off Im willing to accept! As we are so scattered it would have to be a damn good star party to attract us all and in a place where we can all get to in a reasonable amount of time. Pete
  15. Hi Jarrod. We do indeed seem to be spread a tad thin! I have lived here in La Duquesa on and off for 11 years over the last 2 decades and I dont know anyone else that owns a telescope. At least not one that they point at the sky!......dont go there!....lol. I see you are in Alicante. A few hours drive for me Im afraid. Spread very thin indeed it would seem. Well at least we can chat about our hobby on here if nothing else. Nice site by the way. I use weebly too for any sites I build. Lets see what more interest this thread gets and go from there I suppose regarding a social group or possibly a meet at some wild extravaganza at a later date! Pete
  16. Hi. Yes, I stumbled upon that site about 3 years back. They meet around the Fuengirola area and Mijas. Its about 45 minutes drive for me to get to them and I was hoping this thread might seek out some guys n gals a bit closer. My Spanish is good but I would really like to find some fellow brits in my area if possible. Maybe I should build a site or start some threads in the relevant sections on here. Well...good luck up in Alicante my friend. Pete
  17. Ive heard of an odd meeting in the Fuengirola area on the Costa Del Sol but was wondering if there's anything that gets organised around the Estepona area or Duquesa where I live. Our Astronomy experience so far in Spain has been a very steep learning curve to say the least so far. I think this is partly due to the fact that we do not know anyone in our area that shares a love for this fabulous hobby. With this in mind, are there any SGL members near us that would like to arrange an observing session or a meet of some kind? Failing that, we can organise something our end if we can get some people interested. There are some dark skies within 10 minutes drive from where we live. Just thought I would raise this up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it! Pete
  18. Thanks for the advice and info guys. I got in touch with him and he says it has taken 2700 photos. Practically nothing in other words. I will buy it if he assures me everything is in good working order other than the lense autofocus. is the autofocus a problem with the lense or the camera? Or can it be both?
  19. Cheers mate! The RJ11s or the other bits and bobs havent arrived either yet so no worries. Im just a bit eager to give it all a try. Good luck tonight.
  20. Hi and sorry if this sort of question has been asked before but i really REALLY need closure on this before I buy another DSLR......lol. I have had a Canon 300D unmodded for the last 2 years which I have used with a Celestron First Scope, A Nexstar 5SE, a Skywatcher 90Mak and finally a Skywatcher 200P-EQ5 with dual axis motor kit. I have achieved some pleasing images through all the scopes but more so with my current set up of course(The200P). When I first bought the 300D I was advised to get a 1000D so I could benefit from liveview. I was strapped for cash at the time and ignored this advice and bought the 300D. Im glad I did and have never ignored the fact that if I had held out for a more expensive camera I wouldnt have had so much fun and heartache imaging up till now. The advice was sound, however, and focusing with a 300D for astro imaging is a real pain. So! Down to the reason for this post. I have my eye on a 450D here in Spain on a second hand web site. The guy wants 150 euros including postage. it comes with a manual focus 18-55 lens (not sure if its auto but none functioning), canon battery and charger. Sounds cheap to me? Tell me if you think Im wrong though please. I have, however, read that the 1100D is slightly better for astro imaging. Here comes the dilemma. A 1100D here in Spain is unobtainable for less than 200 euros and rarely comes with anything other than a battery and charger. So the question stands. Is the 1100D worth the extra cash over the 450D in your opinion? I would love to hear from people with experience imaging with either of these cameras. If it helps, I will not be modding either Camera whether I buy a 450d or the 1100D. I enjoy daylight photography too. looking forward to your help and opinions.
  21. Postman has gone AWOL I reckon. Hows the guiding going anyway guys?
  22. I forgot to mention portability and set up time. Dobs are very portable due to their simplicity in and setup time is a minimum due to this factor.
  23. Agree with Ramstar. A 200dob would suit you nicely. Very simple mount and 8inches of light gathering goodness. DSOs are still fuzzy blobs but they are bigger brigter fuzzy blobs and you can see a tiny bit more detail. Views of the planets and moon will also be great.
  24. Hello from Spain and welcome to SGL.
  25. Astropedro

    New to SGL

    Welcome to the Lounge John. Some nice people on here, all willing to help.
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