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  1. Talithia, You have a very broad knowledge of lunar details. I wasn't sure what craters I had captured. However, once I looked up Byrgius in Rukl and re-oriented my photo I saw what you described. Thank you for your attention to detail Cheers, Doug
  2. Thank you guys for the kind remarks and encouragement. I was a little disappointed with my efforts in the cold night air. I appreciate the support this forum gives to the members...Regards. * Hey Rog...yes, I've gone to mostly lunar imaging now.. I haven't done a DSO in about a year...hopefully, I'll catch one soon. Doug
  3. Here's a couple of landscapes from Friday night when the moon was nearly full. I imaged several areas along the edges.... I hope to do better when the shadows and lighting are better during different phases. Cheers Doug
  4. I usually don't even try to image anything near the full moon time. But, it was clear and cold..so I had to get out to practice with the somewhat new camera, DMK-31. Here's an image from last night showing Schickard (Rukl 62), Wargentin, Nasmyth & Phocylides (Rukl 70) and Schiller (Rukl 71). I'm not too please with this one. But, it's really difficult to catch any detail at the point...sure is Bright. Cheers, Doug
  5. I took this quick snap of the Trap area as I was closing down my efforts with lunar imaging. It was the first "star" images that I've attempted with the DMK-31 since I had bought it primarily for lunar. I'm not sure if I have accurately captured the additional stars usually not seen in the Trap. Maybe someone can veriify this. I took approx. 12 frames @ 1/2 sec each and stacked in Registax. This was taken with a CPC-1100 @f10. Cheers Doug
  6. Paul, Nice image of Rupes....most happy to hear you were able to get some time with your scope. Sounds like you had a very nice evening. Cheers, Doug
  7. Thanks mates......taken with a CPC-1100 and an IS DMK-31-mono camera. Cheers Doug
  8. since it's raining this weekend, I did a quick process on a forgotten avi from last month. This is a stack in Registax 4 of approx. 900 frames. Doug
  9. Neil, That's another excellent shot...I especially appreciate the floor detail....Keep them coming mate. Doug
  10. John, Very nice contrast and sharp image...VG capture and processing....I like my new DMK too.... Doug
  11. Tony, Nice contrast and selection of targets. Glad you had a chance to get out. Doug
  12. Wow, Neil....Excellent as usual...Love the color. Doug
  13. Hi Dave, Michael, Ant and all, These images that I stitched were taken with a Celestron CPC-1100 and IS DMK-31 mono camera. I used Registax with wavelets to process...mainly because I can't figure out the new (Avistack) program :scratch: ..I used Autostitch to make the combo image. Cheers, Doug
  14. I've made an attempt to stitch a couple of shots together to give a mosiac look. This is my first attempt at this so it's not the best. I hope you enjoy the view. Doug
  15. Here's another taken with the CPC-1100 and IS DMK-31 camera. Craters Ptolemaeus, Alphonsus and Arzachel. Looking at the laptop screen during imaging, I thought I saw a long, dark shadow from a crater peak. However, I believe it to actually be Rupes Recta at a totally different view and deep shadow. Doug
  16. Thanks Doc, Sorry to leave out the details..Taken with a CPC-1100 and IS DMK-31 camera. Stacked and Wavelets with Registax. Doug
  17. Looks like a lot of us were out imaging last evening. I took this @f6.3 to get a wide fov. Doug
  18. Great Neil, take your time...I'll look forward to the tips. Cheers, Doug
  19. Hi Neil, Wowwww....8000mm fl imaging...That's fantastic. My SCT scope @f10 is 2800mm fl. So, imaging at 2.5X would be about what limit I could expect to use. I agree that capture is the key component in the results. I had never thought of waiting until the moon reached the highest point. I will start to wait for a few hours after sunset for the earth's heat/cooling effect to lessen the air turbulance. I need practice on using the Registax V4 - Multipoint alignment process. Until now, I've only used the single-default alignment. I'm looking forward to Cor's Version 5 one of these days soon. Until then, maybe you can tell me how you are able to run 1800 frames through RS?? I've been stopping my captures @800-900 frames. Can you Open more than one avi at a time and will RS align and stack them? Thank you for sharing your techniques....Super images. Doug
  20. Hi Talitha and Neil, Thank you for the nice comments. Talitha I like the sketches...I don't think I had ever seen the full size view of that one. Neil: I really need to hear about your processing steps done for your awesome, detailed images. Cheers, Doug
  21. Here's another processed from 08 Nov 08.... Doug
  22. Very impressive Niel...A mighty WELL DONE mate. :hello1: Doug Neal
  23. Thanks all........I appreciate the touch up on the gradient -blue tint...Looks much better. Doug
  24. I took this quick image late last season. I believe it to be approx. 100mm with the Canon XT. Had I known it would have some promise of detail, I would have taken more exposures. However, it did reveal some essence of various interesting targets. Doug
  25. Michael, Excellent capture and processing...Well done mate. Doug
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