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  1. I have a cannon 60d and have access to several other Cannon DSLR. In truth I am split between the Explore Scientific and the Williams z61 as they are both small,light with great optics and reviews.
  2. I'm setting up from scratch so will buy the mount once I have the scope.
  3. Help! I am wanting to take up astrophotography and recently sold my Celestron 5se as this was not giving me the results I want. I have been researching scopes over the last year or so and have made a short list based on what I can afford and what will give me the results I am after and of course build quality. My short list in no particular order is Explore scientific 80 triplet William optics z61 Skywatcher 100ed My dilemma is which one to go with. All the reviews are equally as good although 1 or 2 negative notes on the skywatcher but not enough to put me off. Whatever I go with will most likely be a second hand unit as I hate buying items like this new. The exception may be the Williams as not too many come up on the used market. Is this a good sign I ask? Can anyone give me a steer as to which scope to settle with?
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