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  1. No idea , but have a bump on me Someone will come along and help you I'm sure.
  2. I've got a newt so they happen naturally for me and I love it when they do. Not too sure I'd want to add artificial ones though.
  3. Welcome to SGL mate - nice to have you onboard
  4. I'm guessing that it was one of those rare nights (for me anyway) when everything just clicked into place. Either way, I got the best feeling ever when DSS loaded the stacked image. To see that much detail (even before I'd stretched it) was quite a buzz , and one I hope to create again It was a bit like when this.......
  5. Beautiful image - I lost 5 mins or so just looking into it....
  6. *Bought the goto upgrade separately* (damn the pesky no editing rule )
  7. I'd make the mount your priority, get the best mount you can afford because it doesn't matter how good the telescope is if the mount vibrates. I thought about the EQ3 when I was starting out and in the end I bought an EQ5 with dual drives (it was all I could afford at the time). I then saved again for a while longer and bought the upgrade separately. So glad I did it that way as the EQ5 is (in my opinion) quite sturdy enough for the 150P, I'm not too sure if the EQ3 is.
  8. The remote timer on the camera , you have to set an exposure time 2 secs longer than you want - I forgot and accidentally added a second. I'd tried for 2 mins but thought I'd seen star trails , knocked it down to (I thought) 1 min 40 , got 1 min 41 but couldn't be bothered to change it The image was taken last Saturday night (15th) and yes it was with the full moon. I've been experimenting with lower iso's , the image was taken with and iso of 400 which seemed to counteract the moon's glare. I also suspect that the M51 being where it was (almost straight above me) when I started taking my su
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