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  1. Goz I'm thinking to get a new focuser for my SW Black Diamond 120mm refractor. Was a WO focuser easy to fit and do I need any special adapters Thanks Kepp
  2. Roger What adapters did you use to connect focal reducer to equinox 120?
  3. Hi all Have just purchased a SkyWatcher Black Diamond 120mm refractor and wish to add a focal reducer. Anyone know of type /brand which would suit and any extras needed to connect to?
  4. There is a blob? and it seems to get sharper when I move the mirror. Which way is inward and which way is outward / clockwise , anticlockwise etc
  5. I have celeston c8 with a 6.3 focal reducer and I wish to image with a 1000d I'm using the exact set up as per pic. I cannot get focus no matter if I screw the mirror in or out.Scope is working fine and collimation I believe is fine. Any thoughts
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