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  1. I think I'm going to go to bed in a minute, but a quick list of my equipment. SkyWatcher 80T EQ2 Equatorial Mount Coxellis SC1.5 (from ebay, I was told these are good but can't work out how to do long exposures?) Yashica SLR (want to see a picture of my cabbage patch?) Looking to spend about 2k. Steve B
  2. I was told that refractors over 80 to 100mm should either be apochromatic or ED (?) I'm looking at buying something bigger myself. Maybe an 8" LX90? I want something that will let me see nebulas and galaxies though i've heard that where i am (in bristol) the bigger the appature, the worse the light pollution? I have heard that large normal refractors aren't very good because chromatic problems means you can't see any detail. i'm very knew to this so i don't know. I reed this thing that said the colors don't focus in the same place so unless ytou use a Hydrogen filter you cant see nebulas.
  3. Nice photographs Big Dipper. I think this sort of thing will be out of the question for me for sometime. I saw this website though and wrote to the man that did it. Jerry Lodriguss his name was. He's quite good. http://www.astropix.com I've got maybe as much as £2000 I could spend. Have you got any suggestions? I thought a few hundred was quite a lot, but looking around, it's not. The man I bought the camera off of says he's just spent £2000 pounds on a telescope and mount and told me the best place to spend my money is on a good equatorial mount. This confused me because I thought Me
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    A Band D? 24 yrs man and boy I've been IR - it's hard to suddenly be HMRC but hey they say a change is as good as a rest. I've always found a rest better. I've only just finished the inspector's course a little while back so I'm new to the game. I hear promotions are hard to come by as well, I nearly moved to reading. Oxford TDO is it then? Steve B
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    Hello, I've just joined - I'm pretty new to astronomy. I'm 42, a, dare i say it? Tax inspector. I live in clifton in bristol and have ok skies (I think) to the north which has a large open area (the downs for locals) but have a lot of orange to the south. I just have a small scope, an 80mm f5 skywatcher (which is meant to be quite good) and a webcam (SC1.5???) from ebay which seems to go black every time i plug the parallel lead in but works ok without it. I'm hoping to take some photographs of galaxies and nebulas but expect this to take time. If anyone knows where i can find a decent tuto
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