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  1. Hi all, a late reply to this topic, but just wondered if anyone's been up the trail at surprise view to get away from the road/head lights etc...?
  2. Hi guys, sorry I've come into this convo late. I am giving serious thought to having a run out to Surprise view tonight (Wed 8th) The skies look clear on my weather app. Just wondering if anyone managed to get out there and what their experience was like?
  3. Hi again peeps, I have taken the plunge I went with the Evostar 120 in the end. Low maintenance and high portability were the decisive factors. I plan to use this to find my way around the night sky. I will invest in a 200 (or bigger) f5 Newt at a later date, which I will use as my primary imaging scope. I collect this week and can't wait to get out there with my woolly hat and a hot flask
  4. Hey guys, can anyone asnswer my last question? Cheers
  5. I understand the Starttravel at f5 is really good for DSO observing and gives ok visuals of planets, What im wondering is if I use a 2x barlow at the scopes maximum native magnification with the supplied eyepieces and a Baader fringe killer, will I get some good detail on planets. Sorry if I keep asking the same questions
  6. OK, after all the reading I think I'm leaning towards a 120 refractor, possibly the Evostar or Startravel (both Skywatcher) For a first scope I think either of these will be fine and aren't too expensive. I accept that imaging is not the most important thing to start with. I can always invest in a second scope at a later date. One question... Will an f5 scope give me decent planetary images at high magnification? Say using a 2x Barlow??
  7. Thanks for all the welcomes guys. I am sill no nearer to making a decision. I will be going down to Rother Valley Optics this week to look at my options and see if I can pick up some more tips. Just been in awe looking the images possible with the 200P on the link you provided Lee. Certainly looks like that could be the way forward.
  8. Just found the SW 200P on an EQ5 mount for £415, seems resonably priced, although over budget.
  9. Thanks all for your help, I guess I need a little more research and time to save for the EQ5 Brenda, It may be usefull if you could post or email an example of what youv'e achieved, it would cetainly help clarify whats possible. Thanks again, I'll keep you all posted. Richard
  10. Brenda, your solution sounds about right for what I want to achieve, The EQ5 mount significantly alters the starting budget though. The reason I was leaning towards the SW150P with EQ3-2 was that its a reasonbly priced starting point that seemed to check the most boxes. I am now seriously considering the Evostar 120 for the grab and go convenience, although this again seems to require the EQ5 for acceptable stability.
  11. The photography will come later, I am still debating the virtues of DSLR vs modded web cam. So initially it will be only visual. I'm soooo confused
  12. OK, I hadn't even considered a refractor. What are peoples thoughts on the SW Evostar 120?
  13. Qualia, thanks for the comprehensive response, and post about what I can expect to see. both very helpful. In a nutshell, I want a good observing scope thats portable, suited to DSLR imaging and that I can increase magnification with additional lenses down the line. I understand that Dobsonian's are not great for imaging (or have I got that wrong also - lol) I'm pretty sure that its a Newtonian that Im after, just not sure how much difference there will be between the 150 and 200 I have read that the 200 is a large scope.
  14. Bambuko, thanks for the previous reply. Just read through the "what can I expect to see" thread, very helpful. Andy, I have looked at the 150PL but from reading plenty of forums, I understood this to be less suited to astrophotography due to the longer exposure times? Or have I got that wrong?
  15. Hi, firstly, my apologies for multiple threads. thought I'd done it in the wrong place. My bad To answer your question x69gas, I'm not really sure. I suppose being a beginner I would like a solid allrounder (if such a thing exists) It would be nice to be able to observe nebulae, galaxies etc... but planets is most likely where I'll start. I am looking to do some imaging though at some point. My limited understanding is that the 150P would better suit this than the 150PL, and the 200P is quite lumbersome to cart around. For info, I initially started looking at the SW 130P and Celestron 130M, but am thinking after doing plenty of reading that I need to at least be in the 150 apature range. Cost is factor although not I have room for maneuvre. Richard
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