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  1. Sweet, that's good to hear! Hopefully I'll finally be on my way to actually getting out and observing soon! I totally want to try making my own some day. I have next to zero experience in anything like that though and I'm afraid of screwing up and ending up spending more money than I have too lol
  2. Thanks again for everyone's input! Sorry it took me a while to reply to this thread. So what do you guys think about these then: http://www.astrozap.com/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=200 http://www.astrozap.com/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=238 http://www.astrozap.com/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=220 If I bought all of these, would I be set at least for a while? Also, can I use bigger eyepiece heaters on eyepieces that are smaller? Or is it necessary to get more exact sizing?
  3. Thanks everyone for answering! So I ought to be shopping around for dew shields and heaters then. Any recommendations? I'm wondering, do any of you know of a cheap dew heater controller? They seem very expensive and I want to know if I'm just looking at rip-off sites or if the 100 dollar (60 pound) range is reasonable. And as for bring in the telescope after use, any ideal position to put the telescope in? Like having the OTA facing up/downwards? I read that I should put it facing downwards, but I'd like to confirm that. Thanks again!
  4. Hi, I just got my first telescope about a month ago. It's a Celestron 8se. I've set it up indoors just to make sure I knew how and that went fine. I haven't gotten the chance to actually take it out yet because it's been a snowy mess here for a pretty long time- there's been no good nights yet! Anyway, all this is really besides the point... What I'm looking to ask is if before I try my first night, should I buy a dew shield/ heater? I'm worried that if I don't use anything to prevent dew, I'm going to get my telescope covered in dew and damage it... am I being paranoid? Can dew be "lethal" to telescopes? I've read conflicting information on exactly what you should do when you bring your telescope inside. Can some one explain it to me or direct me to some other related threads? I've read both that you should keep all the covers on and I've read that you should leave everything uncovered to let the dew evaporate. I'm confused.
  5. The photography class at my school would fulfill one of the general education requirements, so I was thinking maybe I should take it next year. Do you think it would help with AP? Or is astrophotography much different from the "Earthly" kind?
  6. I was actually just reading the Code of Conduct because after posting I thought maybe it might not be allowed to post links to other websites like this. It said no posting "Free___". Is this post still okay? Sorry, I don't mean to sound like I'm advertising for anything here. :X
  7. Hey, I don't know if you all know about this site before, but at Coursera.org they have a couple astronomy related courses! I've only taken Introduction to Astronomy (the latest session started a couple days ago; I think you can still join) and I love it- I still go on there to rewatch videos. There is also: Galaxies and Cosmology (starts January 13, 2014) Confronting the Big Questions: Highlights of Modern Astronomy (starts February 2014) Imagining Other Earths (starts February 3, 2014) AstroTech: the Science and Technology behind Astronomical Discovery (starts April 2014) Analyzing the Universe (starts January 21, 2013) Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life (starts January 20, 2014) There are also courses on a bunch of other different subjects too and I might have missed a couple astronomy-related ones... I think some of these courses are meant for people who know calculus though, but there's nothing wrong with joining anyway just to see what it's like- you don't actually have to complete the course; you won't be penalized. You can get a little certificate if you do finish one though. I don't really know what use the certificate would be though. Some of the courses let you come back to watch the videos after the course is done too, which is just awesome because sometimes I don't have time to dedicate myself to do it every week, so sometimes it's nice to be able to go back whenever you want. I hope this helps some people! I also hope this hasn't been posted already...
  8. Thanks everyone for your advice! I'm very surprised (pleasantly, of course) with how much input I'm getting! I will probably come back to this thread a bit later with more questions...
  9. Skade


    Thanks once again, everyone! I'm from around Grand Rapids. From reading your username, I'm guessing you came from Michigan? Troll or yooper? But no, I don't watch sports. I did used to like baseball when I was little though!
  10. Thank you, Qualia! That was really informative!
  11. Thank you guys! You are all very helpful! I'm going to look at some EQ mounts and contact my local astronomy club. I don't want to find myself having to always rely on a goto system; I want to know the sky pretty well. I don't know if I can trust myself to do it with getting something that would be difficult to use manually... Going back to the NexStar that I was looking at, I wonder if it would really make a big difference between a 6 inch vs an 8 inch. What are you guys' thoughts/ experience?
  12. Skade


    You guys are very welcoming here! The other forum I go to (not for astronomy) pretty much ignores newbies until they establish themselves as a regular member!
  13. Skade


    Thanks for the welcome!
  14. Thanks for your advice, Special K! While I'm interested in astrophotography, I don't know if I should have that as a big factor. I don't think I'll be starting out with it right away. So a great astrophotography telescope isn't a big deal, but it would be nice. Yeah, I see what you mean about not getting the kit. I should think about that. As for GoTo tracking, this is what I've been thinking about. I don't know if I'd really understand the sky if I relied too much on the GoTo system. That's why I wonder how easily you can navigate with having one, but not using. I feel like that's a dumb question, but I don't know if the GoTo system would somehow inhibit me from doing my own thing... There's an astronomy club around here, but it seems like they don't do any viewings in winter. I'm a bit nervous on joining one too; I'm terribly shy. I might have to force a friend to go with me for the moral support!
  15. Hi, thanks for answering! Well, I want to look at everything! But that's not a very helpful answer, is it? I suppose the things I'm the most intersted in are galaxies, maybe planets. GoTo and tracking isn't mandatory, but it would definitely be a plus.
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