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  1. If you look around online for a pair of binocular lens covers in an 80mm size they should work perfect, just cut out the center and cut the solar film to size
  2. Mounted or handheld I also get a slightly elongated Saturn, some nights when conditions are good I definately get what Galileo called "ears"
  3. Does the same method apply for achro objectives?!?
  4. Well after 2 pretty decent nights of clear skies I've been enjoying the lightning tonight here in cardiff, great view from the window and there's nothing like a good storm to pass the time when it's cloudy!
  5. My only scope soon to be on an az4, makes a great grab and go, being in a flat it was the most convenient choice next on the list is a 80ED
  6. Thanks I'm looking at getting a 32m televue plossl which may do ok for easier things as a finder and also a red dot also Il be honest I don't think I've had enough time to try and allign it properly maybe the day would be a better time but the. By the time I take the scope in and back out later it would prob be back to square one! Lol
  7. So im using a SW evostar 90 with a straight through 6x30 finder it attached to the scope via a finder bracket which has 2 thumb screwes and a third one that adjusts but I really can't get the finder to allign and stay in view with objective I find if I'm just viewing the moon or planets il do without it and I'm thinkin a laser or a red dot would be the better option what do you guys reckon or do you have any tips in alligning the finder. Thanks!
  8. So I got my first light with my first scope the other night, an evostar 90mm achro with a dielectric 90 degree diagonal I changed from the 45 erect prism it came with. just have the stock 10mm and 25mm eyepieces at the moment, from strictly bino experience on the moon it was amazing to go that much deeper and I was very impressed ended up scanning about for nearly an hour and with work early I called it a night but tonight got to take it out and get a look at Saturn which was amazing, with the 10mm I could make out the Cassini division and with averted vision could Make out some banding but
  9. So just above where the focuser is on the OTA there is a metal tension knob such as the ones found all over the scope e.g to secure diagonal in scope or secure eyepiece in place, is there any particular tension it needs to be set to or do I loosen it, focus and re tighten, such a noob question but being my first scope I did wonder :s
  10. Sorry after a quick glance I thought they were solid and used to move the scope but they are the flexible slow motion controls! My bad!
  11. Hi stupid question but where are the tension controls located on the az3 and where do the two alt and azimuth arms go?
  12. I don't know how to post pics due to being on mobile but I managed to open it up and get a look at everything, nice green coating to optics, focuser feels nice and smooth with a lot of travel, came with a 45 degree diagonal but I've got a dielectric 90 degree waiting to be picked up from the post office tonight so should be a great improvement, can't wait to get everything set up tonight and hopeully have clear skies, the az3 looks a tad ugly and I haven't yet worked out how to set it up but hopefully it won't be too difficult and il get to use tonight
  13. Huge box at home waiting to be opened apologies for the clouds these next few nights!
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