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  1. Hi,

    Yesterday I've received very nice pair of second hand TS Marine 15x70 binoculars.

    I don't like eyecups of any binocular I have so I had to make new ones as provided ones are not really comfortable and I can't see whole FOV using them without pushing hard against eyecups.

    Anyway I've tried to use them and test the binos in daylight. One thing that I've found annoying was the level of CA visible when eyes are not centered with the eyepieces. Slight change can make CA almost invisible or really distracting. I could be quite disappointed comparing it to Celestron Skymaster Pro pair I have if I didn't remember that using original eyecups on Skymaster was causing similar problems with CA. 

    After closed inspection I've found that it's really easy to unscrew original eyecups. So I've measured the eyepices, designed and printed new eyecups.

    They are much more comfortable, even though material isn't very soft, but edges are round.

    What's most important, they really help centering eyes with the eyepieces and CA is now much lower than before. Initially I was quite disappointed by the level of CA, but now I think it's quite good. New eyecups block side light really nice too. 

    I was worrying about individual focusing as material used for printing is quite grippy but fortunately ring that is on top of the eyepieces can be incorporated into the new eyepieces body so they can rotated without any effort. Just set the focus and adjust eyecups angle. 

    This is how they look now:


    I've also recorded short clip to show how they rotate: https://youtu.be/Uwa5TxY0O54

    Now I have to print little bit bigger eyepiece cover to fit new eyecups. 

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  2. I have SkyMaster Pro 15x70 and first thing I've done after purchasing them I've replaced the eyecups with 3d printed ones. The binos are very sensitive to eye placement and if eyes are not centered then you will see a lot of CA.

    Celestron provides winged eyecups but they are loose, not really comfortable and don't help with eye positioning. 

    With proper eyecups CA is minimal, I can hardly see any CA on branches and very small amount of CA on Moon. 

    I quite like the SkyMaster Pro 15x70. Image is bright, contrast is nice. The only problem is that brighter starts aren't as pinpoint as I see in my Nikon EX 12x50, but image is much brighter even if exit pupil is very similar. Looks like SkyMaster has better coatings than Nikon. 

    This is how my 3d printed eyecups look like:



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  3. If your TV has touch screen then it should work fine ;)

    But I have some keys defined for debugging purposes:

    If you have keyboard there you can press:

    - "L" to enable Lunar 100, 

    - "C" for craters

    - "N" for maria

    - "A" for lunar landing sites

    But you won't be able to zoom and navigate yet. 

    Please let me know if keyboard is working for you. Then I could add support for zooming and navigation.

  4. Hi,

    I was looking for some decent Moon atlas software for Android platform but without great success. There are some maps but not very detailed.
    So I've made one by myself.


    - it's free, but donations are appreciated
    - high resolution moon surface map
    - over 8000 craters
    - Lunar 100 objects
    - current lunar phase display
    - Albedo mode to even light over the surface

    I don't have google play developer account so you have to download and install if by yourself from: http://grzyboo.com/moonatlas.html

    What do you think about? Is it worth of additional developing or it's waste of time?

    Some screenshots:


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