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  1. So mabye it's just the heat (not the UV?!) which destroys the surface and which makes it easer to remove the Matrix? how much heat does a sensor take? Maybe bake it bevor removing the bayer Matrix?
  2. i will open it again and check for dust which touches the gold wires… maybe this is the problem...
  3. i did some more debayering but After reassembly: has anyone an explanation? didnt touch the blue rectangel on the side and also didnt touch the Gold wires. dont think that i have gone too deep.. there is maybe some Remnant (dust) on the gold wires...
  4. Hey, my first attempt was a 450D. i debayered the sensor successfully without damaging the golden wires. BUT, i had one deep scratch. short exposures (for daytime) were ok but longer exposures were totally terrible... the second 450D is waiting for debayering now. but before i give it a go can you please post some photos of the tools which you used for debayering? plus the used material of the tool. thanks in advance.
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