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  1. Hey, my project since 2015 is ready to publish ;) please find full resolution and exposure data here: https://www.astrobin.com/389645/
  2. Thank you Adrian! I used Pixinsight! All channels should be aligned with linear fit. Then You can use the star alignment process to get a first mosaic. Then use GradientMergeMosaic Process.
  3. Hi, my latest project from the backyard: From the flaming Star to Spider and Fly triple mosaic with a total of 48,5 hours as HaLRGB Esprit 80 and Moravian G2-8300. full resolution recommended: https://www.astrobin.com/373043
  4. Hey, thank you all :-) göran, i read this the second time :-) some prefer it turned because it looks like more 3D...
  5. Hey, my project is ready... full resolution: http://www.astrobin.com/317410/ about 15h of exposure time. not as colorful as my images are normally this time. Cheers Arno
  6. Hey, this is a bicolor 2 pane mosaic done with skywatcher esprit 80 and moravian g2-8300. 16x1200sec Halpha and 8x1200sec OIII.
  7. Hey, got 22,1h of exposure time here from my light polluted backyard. LRGB. Data at astrobin: http://www.astrobin.com/289951/ what do you think?
  8. Hey, gathered some more photons! full resolution and data:
  9. Happy New Year! could gather some more Halpha data and add it to my old data. http://www.astrobin.com/278277/
  10. Hey, added some exposure time to my last horse and flame nebula. 8.8h in total now.
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