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  1. Hi It's been a while. I have a laptop that I want use to control my HEQ5 via Stellarium but, I dont have an RS232 port. The lapop is a HP Compaq2510p 2 x USB, 1 X Mic and Headphone (small Phillips type) 1 Telephone socket 1 External Monitor socket. Has anybody any suggestions for me, hoperfully not involving getting another machine - can't afford to do that Thanks Dante
  2. Signed it. I actually got an lighting engineer from the council to spray black paint on half the lamp that shines into my garden. He understood the problem. He couldn't turn it off but could reduce the light by painting it. Not bad really
  3. RecentlyI upgraded my HEQ5 with an upgrade from FLO. It went well, also serviced everything, new grease etc. When I was about to test everything I thought that I should Polar align the mount nevery having used it sicnce I bought it 2nd hand. The reticle was dislodged rattling around inside. I remounted it ( what a job that was ) When aligning the polarscope and following instruction on a Youtube video I came across a problem. My mount was in the park position, I was instructed to align the recticle so that Polaris was staright down. Looking through the scope I find that it is already straight down so when I used the data gained from Polarfinder the position of the mount just looks wrong. 1. Should I reset the reticle in another position? GHM 2 Is there a correct position for the reticle to be mounted in the scope? I would appreciate some help here as I can't get passed this. Thanks
  4. Re my last post - the .pdf was the wrong format to use. Now attaching .png file. That should open. Danny
  5. Hi Sam I thought I would let you know that I am still on with the Homebrew. It's taking a long time . Mine didn't seem to work, perhaps my soldering was not up to the mark. Struggling I did further research and studying and found a problem with the initial scheme and the answer to it. I've attached a renewed scheme for you see and perhaps give your view. Regards Project.pdf
  6. Hi Chris Thanks fot the reply. Had a look at the link and yes that's just what I need. I wish I had thought of doing the connections that way in the first place then maybe i wouldn't have had so many headaches. Again, many thanks for the link, you're a star (excuse the pun) Dante
  7. Hi Sam It's me again - I've built my Homebrew (with your input - Thanks for that )uising the Uno and tried it out. Seems to be working OK but the weather has not been kind enough so I haven't done anything serious with it. When last out I accidently stepped on the HB Box and damage the RJ-12 socket so much so that I must replace it. Problem - each time I solder to the terminals of the new RJ-12 it all goes pear-shaped, melting plastic and wobbly metal terminals The RJ-12 terminals are just too close for me to solder with any success. Question, 2 actually. 1. How did you attach the cables to the terminals of the RJ-12 ? 2. is there a miniature plastic connector on the market to attach cables to the RJ-12 terminals. I managed to get an example of what might do the job but can't seem to find a source (except for collecting old computer cabling and canabilising). Any ideas would be appreciated. Dante
  8. Gentlemen thank you all for your responses to cries for help, they have been a great help. RobH & AndyUK So I can use my ST102 for guiding:D That's great news. I thought I would need to get another OTA for guiding and had considered the ST80 having a similar set up as MartinH. Rob your comments re guidescope rings (echoed by ollypenrice) is a bit of a relief . Guide Scope rings £95 or thereabouts are expensive then there is the dual mounting bar £147. If I must spend then the mounting bar is what I need MartinH I can't tell from your picture if the OTAs are side by side. In the picture they look piggybacked? AndyUK Bookmarked the link. It will certainly help when the time comes. I will be buying the SW Evostar 80ED Pro (£499). The test on S@N rated it quite highly (O/All 90%) against the Meade Series 5000 80ED (91%) which I now find is nolonger manufactured being replaced by another scope using the same optics just a better packaage (£799) and still short of a couple of important items. Again thanks for you help so far. Any comments regarding the SW 80ED Pro would be welcome. Dante
  9. I have an ST102 and a HEQ5 (not Goto) but modded the controller so that I can auto-guide with it. I want to do AP using my Canon 550D (not modded) afocal. I read a recent review in the Sky@Night Magazine of the SW Evostar 80ED Pro which rated it very well for AP. I am thinking about buying one but, 1 Can I use my ST102 for guiding or should I get another 80mm OTA? 2 If I can (or should) use the ST102, how do I get both scopes on the mount (side by side) or should one be mounted on top of the other? All of this is probably o no brainer for most but searching varios web sites has not produced an answer that I have understood nor do I trust my interpretation of what I have read. Would appreciate some help here.
  10. you can tell I'm getting rattled - can't spell now
  11. you can tell I'm getting rattled - can't spell now
  12. Hi Thanks for the responses. the angle of diagonal is 90deg. I have rotted the OTA but the everything is wrong with that - on thge wrong side. To compound things I have now lost the adjustment to the reticule, and don't know to into the polariscope to set it again. Think I'll commiot Hari Kiri.
  13. I have a problem that is baffling me. I have an ST102 mounted on a HEQ5 (Std) I am currently aligning the Polarscope with the OTA. The problem I have is this: I have set eveything up but when I look through the eye piece to focus on a distant object I find the image is upside down. That's normal you might say, but - I have a diagonal fitted. My image should be upright. I can't understand this and I don't know how to fix it. Tonight is going to be a clear and frosty one and I am desperate to use my scope something I haven't done since I boought both the OTA and mount (secondhand thro the forum). I hope somebody can help me. Thanks Dante
  14. Sorry for getting your name wrong in my last post Danny
  15. Hi Colin It's been a while since my last message re Homebrew Autoguider. I have finished mine and I'm ready to give it a trial run. Can I ask you what program do you use for guiding. Dante
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