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  1. Well, weather looks good for this weekend!
  2. Perhaps some guys here could benefit from some sort of astro dating site? Is there one? If not, perhaps there should be a singles forum here!
  3. Yeah, I hope to make the most of the clear nights and get more practice with imaging with my DSLR. The next thing I am gonna have to sort out is dealing with dew formation on the corrector, so am gonna have to get some dew heaters from FLO!
  4. Good news. I contacted FLO today and they are sending me a new handset. Should get it tomorrow morning! I must say, their afersales service is first class! Am very impressed!
  5. Am really depressed. I spent last night fine tuning the collimation and was looking forward to making the most of the clear nights (which I waited months for) and this happens! I bought the scope in June 2011 from First Light, and the Celestron warrenty is two years. I will give First Light a call in the morning and see what they can do.
  6. I can't use my Celestron Nexstar 8SE! I was looking forward to doing some observing tonight. After I setup the scope, I calibrated the goto, then when I went to do skyalign, the screen froze. After I swichted it off then on again, I get a message saying initializing then the screen goes blank! The red light is on but nothing comes on the display. I have had the 8SE for just over a year with no problems and this just happens. I now have a scope I cannot use. I purchased this scope from First Optics just over a year ago. Any advice on what I can do?
  7. I just had my first light with my new 8SE. After doing a three-star alignment (using Spica, Arcturus and Vega), I selected my first object: M13. It was jawdropping to see this globular cluster resolved as a ball of stars rather than the smudge that I had seen in my smaller scopes. I then selected the ring nebula, and could actually make out structure in the ring itself. However, the goto didn't have success in centering the whirlpool galaxy. Finally, had a look at Saturn and could easily see some banding on the planet (and a hint of the Cassini division on either side of the planet-not as obvious as I expected it to be!). I also noticed my new 8SE is Fastar compatible!
  8. Think I'll give Tunisia a miss then. But good to hear there are flights to Marrakech from Bristol, without the hassle of going to London or Manchester. Been to Marrakech years ago and know it quite well. And the one thing it has that the European locations don't have is hot bellydancers! Anyway, I had a good look at the Saharasky website. Unfortunately, it's a bit awkward to get to. Renting a car is not an option for me as I don't drive.
  9. That place in Morocco looks cool! And I would not even have to take my gear with me! But are there any flights to Morocco from the South West going there? I can only find flights from Manchester or London.
  10. Ok, but has anyone actually been there? Am just worried about sand and dust blowing around.
  11. I'm sick of the Rubbish weather where I am. Even when it's clear, the cold freezes the brass monkeys off me! I want somewhere nice and warm to observe from and also enjoy a bit of culture, so I been looking at the destinations served by my local airport and think a week in Tunisia might be a cool place to go to. Any opinions?
  12. I remember that one so many years ago, but never actually saw the vid until now. Thanks! Remember Magic Fly by Space? Another french tune with a spacy feel!
  13. I'm not surprised. But let's face it, what is the point of a mission that is nothing more than a re-hash of Apollo? I'll be keeping my eyes on Russia's plan to develop nuclear rockets this year. Don't understand why this was not mentioned on mainstream UK news. In my opinion, nuclear is the only way to go for manned planetary exploration. Watch
  14. One tabloid label I hate the most is 'boffin' for people of scientific backgrounds. BTW, 'stargazer' can include someone who is a celeb spotter. Talking about representative figures in astronomer, there seems to be a lack of female astronomers in the media. We had Heather Couper appear on TV in the past. How about someone like Myleene Klass doing shows? I like the idea of doing an 'alternative' regular astronomy show of my own I can stick on youtube.
  15. It wasn't really a clean split. For very brief moments, I could see the diffraction ring and passing through it what looked more like a blob joined to Alnitak, which I assumed was the secondary.
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