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  1. For visual use, a C9.25 plus 6.3FR plus secondary focuser plus 2" diagonal will not reach focus. The length of the light path is too long for the optical design to adjust for. For visual use of the C9.25, the 2" SCT diagonal is the best option when paired with the 6.3FR.
  2. +1 Some of my eyepieces "bottom out" on a 35mm extension tube. Anything shorter than 35mm would likely result in all of them doing it.
  3. I was in the exact same position as you are. I decided on the 60 Lunt with B1200, tilt tuning and standard focuser. As already mentioned, the standard focuser performed poorly. I rebuilt it and this improved the performance considerably. The main problem was that the flat surface on the focuser tube was not completely flat. I filed it smooth/flat and then put it all back together carefully ensuring everything was tight and true. It now works fine and can focus with binoviewers. If you are not interested in rebuilding the focuser, buy an upgrade from the start. The views are great, especially in bino. The difference between mono and bino is significant.
  4. Excellent review. I observe with XWs, but agree with you that the 14XW might not be a match for the TV eyepieces. The 14XW is the "weakest" of the XW series and there are better alternatives. Now go to 10mm and below, the XWs hold their own against all competition.
  5. The 10.5XL would be an excellent eyepiece to see if you like the Pentax brand. I have a number of XWs that I have collected over the years, and they are my go-to eyepieces. I wear eyeglasses and they are perfect for my circumstances.
  6. I have one also, and find it to be equal to the Pan24 optically. The ES has much more eye relief and I can use it with eyeglasses.
  7. If you want to reduce the length, use a prism diagonal. The optical path of light through the prism is less than reflecting off of a mirror.
  8. I started with an UHC and then purchased an O-III. I observe under dark skies and find both great. As already mentioned, the target object dictates the best filter.
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