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  1. Many thanks, always appreciated.
  2. Hello all, Since making this set of images I have not had a decent clear night in my area and I feel my Jupiter season is heading toward the end but I may be able to get a few more if skies are clear over the next 4 weeks. This night was reasonable and allowed me to obtain both IR and RGB images over a period of time through the evening and I was happy with the results. I created so much data I had to stop mid way to download everything off the laptop as I had filled the HDD. In all I took 110Gb of video data this evening and it took some time to process, sort out the best images and put together. All observation details are on each image. All the best to you all, Rob
  3. Hi Geof, Many thanks for your reply. Yes, RGB in the UK this year has been pretty hard for me. Although I live in a semi-rural location I have a north facing garden so always have to image over mine and other houses which in the winter is often fun as the older houses still have open fireplaces so I get a lot of heat from random chimneys to my south at times. Can't moan about people wanting to keep warm (makes me feel terrible cursing about the heat plumes) but I would like to get the most out of the C11 I have. I see a lot of people have started using the Player One cameras but there is a confusing choice of camera and at the moment I really don't know how they perform against the ASI camera that I am more used to. Lets hope for dry clear skies to see out the current Jupiter apparition. Rob
  4. Happy New Year to you all, I have finally processed my images from early November to mid December and have posted these into my gallery. I was really hoping for a great apparition this year as Jupiter is new well clear of the houses to my south and in a perfect position to obtain high resolution images but I have been pretty disappointed by the RGB results. The IR images have provided a fair amount of detail and I am pretty happy with what I have obtained with them but the RGB were not as good as I hoped they would be. In most of my RGB images the Red channel was good to great, the green were mostly average but the blue channel was very poor for most of the apparition. From my location of South Western UK we have not had a great run of clear nights for months due to poor weather and when it has been clear the atmospherics have been average to say the least. I use an ASI 290mm camera which is great, especially when the conditions are good but I was wondering whether the use of a One Shot Colour camera would be better during nights of average to poor atmospherics? I know the resolution of a OSC camera would be less than the mono ASI 290mm but would there be a lot of difference under poorer conditions? I would appreciate any advice from anyone that has experience of both types of camera. Anyway, below are a selection of my imaging sessions from Nov through to mid December. All the best and clear skies to you all in 2024. Regards, Rob
  5. Hi Kon, Many thanks for noticing the wrong month in the title. The images are derotated in Win JUPOS by varying degrees. I do tend to take a run of 3-4 consecutive 2000 frame videos in IR and rotate them. I usually soot in the following way. IR x3-4 2000 frames each run R x1-2 (depends on the frame rate on the night) 2000 - 3000 frames each run G x1 2000 frames B x1 2000 frames IR x3-4...... and so on, generally until my SSD in the laptop is full! All derotation times are on the image panel on the right. The banner is a template I created in Photoshop and manually update details as necessary. All longitude and planetary details are sourced from Win JUPOS ephemeris. All the best, Rob
  6. Hi all, Weather not been great in my neck of the woods but finally managed to get some fairly good data on the 15th October. Initially the evening started pretty average but around 0330BST (0230 UT) there was a definite change in image stability, even the RGB capture was reasonable in the blue channel which is generally (for me at least) very poor. Happy with the results and hope the weather improves soon. Posting this on the 1st November I have yet to have a clear enough night without the potential for rain during the telescope cool down period and with opposition on the 3rd I'm itching to get back out and fill up my HDD with data. All the best, Rob
  7. Really nice set of images you have obtained there. Many thanks for posting.
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