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  1. They don't seem to have put the 2015 dates on the website yet. According to the newsletter, the next meeting is on 17th January at Rodington. If you can, do come along. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.
  2. Hello John and welcome from a fellow Salopian - well, I still count Telford as being part of Shropshire even if that is no longer technically correct! If you haven't already, you should come and check out Shropshire Astronomical Society: http://www.shropshire-astro.com/main/home-page/about-us Regular meetings are held at Rodington but other events are held around the county, including a couple of visits to Severn Valley Country Park. Edit - Haha, just saw your post in your other thread! Yes, you should definitely join SAS
  3. Hello Les, welcome to SGL. Congratulations on your new telescope, I hope the weather co-operates for you soon!
  4. It sounds like the telescope is not in focus. Have you turned the focuser wheel from fully in to fully out while looking through the eyepiece? If you do this, not too quickly, you should be able to find focus - make sure the scope is pointing at something to focus on (not the sun though!). Once focused on your tree in the eyepiece, you then adjust the finder scope to line up with the object in view in the main scope. Hope this helps.
  5. Hi xanthiax and welcome to SGL You have a great 'scope, there will be plenty more wow moments to come! If you haven't already, download Stellarium - it's free: http://www.stellarium.org/en_GB/
  6. Welcome to SGL Brian As has already been said, you'll always find someone around here able to answer your questions!
  7. Glad you are enjoying your new 'scope Lovely first light report, thanks for posting!
  8. Hi Matt and welcome to SGL As jaydeeuk1 says, learning your way around the night sky can be a very satisfying experience. That's not to say that GOTO doesn't have its place and it is the right option for some people. A certain amount of knowledge of the stars is required for GOTO. The database of 4000+ objects sounds appealing, but you may find that some are beyond the capabilities of a 5-inch 'scope. The Skyliner 200P was my first telescope and I have not regretted my choice. As you are aware, you do have to nudge a manual Dobsonian to keep objects in view. This soon becomes second nature a
  9. Welcome to SGL Have a look at this: http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/43171-eyepieces-the-very-least-you-need/
  10. Hi and welcome back I'm sure you will love your new telescope, even if your bank account doesn't!
  11. Congratulations! I've been following your setting up thread on and off, great to see you are now achieving real results. I was told that the 1100D works well at 1600 ISO, although mine is modified. Keep at it, your images will only improve with practice and more experience
  12. Hi lenz, welcome to SGL Sorry to hear about the issues with your new telescope. If you could give some more information about the scope and mount, I'm sure you will get some great advice. Perhaps start a new topic in the beginners equipment section?
  13. I'm sure either scope would give very pleasing views of the moon and other targets also. Have a look at a field of view calculator to compare how objects will look in the two telescopes: http://www.12dstring.me.uk/fov.htm You will need to switch to visual view, select the correct scope (there is no option for the 130/900, but you can change the focal length manually) and eyepiece - I think they are both supplied with a 10mm and 25mm, and choose the object from the menu. Remember though that most DSOs will not appear to have colour when viewed through the eyepiece.
  14. Hello Phil, welcome to SGL + another for MEPC!
  15. Welcome to SGL You're in the right place to have you questions expertly answered, although it sounds like you are well on your way already!
  16. Hi and welcome to SGL The scope with the shorter focal length - 650mm - will give slightly less magnification and a wider field of view for a given eyepiece. People tend to recommend dobs as they offer the maximum aperture for a given budget and are very simple to use. You can attach a DSLR to most dobs, but don't realistically expect to be able to photograph much more than the moon. I've never owned or used the 130P but they seem to have a good reputation.
  17. A power tank might be ok, depending on how long you will be using it and how many devices you are powering. A leisure battery will be more reliable for longer sessions and allow you to power your mount, camera, laptop, dew heaters if needed etc. They are heavy though, no use if you need a portable setup. Other battery types are available, I don't know much about them though. I'm sure someone else will...
  18. Hello Hydrogen, welcome to SGL You certainly have come to the right place for any information and advice you might need.
  19. Welcome to SGL Tony What scope did you buy?
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