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Status Updates posted by rjc404

  1. Two ridge tiles blown off the roof. Hopefully no more tonight

  2. Just seen the first snow showers of 2014 in Cov

    1. Qualia


      Pretty dismal here today as well. First showers of the year which means even if they clear, the skies will be rubbish tonight.

  3. Clear skies and a beautiful rising moon in low cloud to the East but just enjoying using the bins tonight

  4. Happy Christmas all at SGL!

  5. Crystal clear skies, first cold night of the winter

  6. Clear outside but Champions League in a minute... Dilemma!

    1. Uranium235


      Record it or watch the highlights, dont pass up the chance of clear sky!

    2. rjc404


      Managed both. Set up in record time after the footie and stayed out late as Jupiter and Orion rose. Paying for lack of sleep today...

  7. Clear forecast and cloud everywhere... i really hate cloud!

  8. Clear skies in Cov right now. Will it last till dark?

    1. rjc404


      still clear... says a lot for the forecast!

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