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  1. Bresser Skylux which I leave at our caravan in Catalunya Spain (and where I am now until September) the plastic ring which screws onto end of focal tube and has the two grub screws to hold in place lens adaptors etc, whats it called please as its broken! would prefer to replace with a metal one, 1.25 but unsure of thread size etc, the focal tube has the male thread, any links to a retailer who could post to Spain would be of benefit too By the way the weather down here for past week has been terrible! Hope someone can help, many thanks, Dave
  2. Aye Refractor, gimme a break I am on holiday in Spain and far too many San Miguels:D
  3. Yes Ron, 6" Helios Achromatic Reflector and exposure on auto Dave
  4. Hi Paul, picture exactly as it downloaded onto the Lap Top, was far happier with it as couldnt see much on the Canon 350 LCD and was amazed how much better it looked on the Lappy, could do with some tips on the contrast though Pic was taken on the 5th May Dave
  5. Newbie to this imaging larky,,, couldnt resist taking this daylight shot in Northern Spain (Catalunya) a few days ago, around 6pm, clear blue sky and 30* but quite windy which gave some telescope 'shake' Found it VERY difficult to get a decent image due the very bright daylight but was a first attempt at imaging, down here until October so plenty of chance to improve:glasses1: Canon 350D, Helios 6" Refractor
  6. I thought that too and tried it (2" Star Diagonal) couldnt see anything at all, day or night and spent ages trying to focus in, have now ordered an extender Thanks again for all your help, really want to get this all sorted before all my gear heads off to Spain in a couple of weeks by car for the summer:glasses1:
  7. Just had a play around with the scope on both a tree around 500yds away and some houses on the horizon around around a mile away, just not quite enough length to focus in so need an extender:icon_scratch: Hopefully will get it sorted, eventually!
  8. The issue I brought up really had nothing to do with Confirmation Codes, I can usually manage those OK along with Anti Bot quizzes which are usually VERY easy to welcome new Members (for example 'Spot the Non Animal' when 10 Cats and a Boeing 747 are pictured:D) I just assumed (as a beginner to Astronomy) that SPA was for experts or those with experience only due to the Astronomy Question being asked for Forum Membership, fair comment?
  9. Thanks for both replies, reason I asked the question was because I couldnt focus and wondered if if I needed an eyepiece inserting in the 2" dovetail which the EOS T2 adaptor screws to? Canon 350D does not have live view so its via camera eyepiece only Will try the tip about about practising focusing during day on a distant tree or something and take it from there Scope is a Helios 6" refractor on a CG5 (same as EQ5) Mount (manual) Will fathom it eventually probably via trial and error, dont really understand the Canon 350D fully yet as only recently bought it for using on my scope, used an SLR decades ago but been digi point and shoot since then:confused: Maybe my main problem has been attaching camera to the 2" Star Diagonal for ease of use in looking through camera eyepiece
  10. I was 18 and watched the landing on the evening with parents and younger brothers, didnt stay up for the moon walk as I had to be at work next morning (think the landing was Sunday?) Awesome though and remember all the TV Shops in Leeds leaving all their TV's in the shop windows turned on with hundreds watching outside as the events unfolded during the days of the mission Seem to remember all the TV's being B&W back then, dont think colour came out until 1970 and only the very rich had them
  11. Will probably get some stick over this but this is the Qualifying Question, but please bear in mind I was a TOTAL beginner, I took a guess at Earth but there is also the usual Confirmation Code which needs to be typed in too, I struggle with these and have no idea if spacing is needed or not (I am getting on a bit and retired) so when you are rejected you have NO idea if you got either the Question or Confirmation Code wrong, after a few rejections and different guesses at which Planet was the answer and not knowing which I typed in wrongly, I just cleared off and found my way here:hello2: Please answer: * What is the next planet from the Sun, after Mars? http://www.popastro.com/phpBB2/profile.php?mode=register&bO8BB8811ltf6=c000OBB88Blre3l
  12. Could have fooled me! As a TOTAL beginner to Astronomy wanting info before spending money on scopes a couple of months back, I found my way to the SPA Website and attempted to join their Forum (to see what they were about before becoming a member of SPA) but sadly was not qualified to answer their 'Entry Examination Question' (tried to Google for answer but couldnt find it) suffice to say being a trifle embarrassed at my lack of knoledge surfed around a little more and found my way to this Forum and been happy ever since, also now joined a local Astro Society Doubt I will ever have anything to do with SPA in future, hence my surprise at your comments about them being a Society for a beginner, I certainly didnt gain that impression from my brief 'encounter' with them
  13. Thought I would post in here rather than dive straight into the Astro Imaging Section Have a 6" Achromatic Refractor D=150 F=750 Canon EOS 350D Canon EOS T2 Adaptor just arrived today Had a play around, T2 fits the Canon fine and also then attached the Canon to the Scope, can attach either direct into 2" Focal Tube or 2" Star Diagonal with other 'adaptors' I have What do I do next:confused: Really just wondered if there is a 'Dummys Guide' on this Forum anywhere or info on a Web Site I can read up on?
  14. wobbly

    Hello from France

    Hi and welcome David from another Dave,,, I spend the summers just a few miles over the Spanish Border down the Autoroute from you, off down in a few weeks:hello2: Dave
  15. Hi Angela and welcome Stayed in Gullane many times and played all the courses there, lovely place and also been to a few 'Opens' just down the road at Muirfield Nice handy big dark hill top for you to take your scope up too on a night on either of Gullane's 3 Golf Courses early holes:hello2: Dave
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