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  1. I have been waiting for weeks for the clear sky to take this one. Canon 450D - 55mm lens - 10 x 10 mins subs Robin
  2. Hi DD Only did it for a bit of fun but here it is without the Domes Robin
  3. Canon 450D on a camera tripod with remote cable control. Focus on bright star or distant street light for focus and take at least 20 frames. Stack on deepskystacker software. process in photoshop and that all it takes Robin
  4. Star circles taken in Devon, superimposed on Domes at Herstmonceux Sussex . Just a bit of fun, which it should be Robin
  5. Hi James You need a wide angle lens say 17mm for the MW. A compact may be about 55mm
  6. No setting just set speed at Bulb so it can be controlled by a remote control cable. Focus on a distant street lamp for infinity or a bright star such as vega and take 25 sec exposures. Process with Deepskystacker or like. Robin
  7. Hi Yes 50 subs, frames, shots at 25 seconds each Robin
  8. Well done, its a great subject to image and as you have proved, not to difficult if you have the dark sky. I am sorry to say it would be difficult in the UK !!
  9. Last attempt. These were 40 second exposures 40 from 70 subs
  10. This was only 4 subs so I dont think it wold make a difference. I am going to work on the 70 plus images I took when I get time.
  11. Hi Have spent more time processing the image using only 4 frames, that is 4 x 25 seconds. Tomorrow I will try more. Robin
  12. Hi ADZ Many as you can at 25 secs or you could stretch it to 40 secs if you do not mind slightly elongated stars, which would be acceptable on a wide angle shot. Pibbles - I know the feeling about dark skies living in Brighton. The sky in Beer was not as clear as it can be but sufficiently dark enough for this shot
  13. I am all for encouraging people with DSLRs to try simple imaging, here is a basic 17mm lens 50 x 25 second exposures, yes 25 secs only on a simple camera tripod, stacked Deepskystacker processed PS. Cropped by 50% You will need dark skies however. Robin
  14. Hi Look forward to meeting you at our August meeting Robin
  15. Hayju01 I have a Coronado PST and DMK 31. Must add these Robin
  16. Hi Thanks for your comments. The 10x1 minute helps to keep the centre clear. Ps like our informative website Robin
  17. 10 x 1 minute and 10x 10 minutes
  18. I know this is a common target but I thought that I would try a wide view with my canon 450D. Gives more sense of space Robin
  19. Not imaged much lately. Quite happy with this last night on a 1 shot cheapy CCD & SW 80. 10 x 10 mins Robin
  20. I know that there are many Saturns being posted now but here are my two from 26th. Colour DFK31 Mono DMK21 Robin
  21. Nice clear shot, good detail Robin
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