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  1. I have read the posts after being second to reply. My comments were mostly negative but if it has give a surge of interest to the public I suppose that is a good thing. I do hope that those who have bought telescopes by watching the programmes seek out a good local Society, like mine Adur AS who's members will put them on the right track to continue their interest in our fantastic hobby and not as some one suggested, get bored and sell their scopes on eBay.
  2. I was disappointed with some of the content. A whole 1/2 hour was spent on Black Holes. There was nothing about newbies looking for local Astro Societies. I felt that the experts endulged too much in their own level of expertise and not enough for the viewers looking in who knew little about astronomy. The first evening was good as it concentrated on the Moon which everyone with or even without a pair of Bins could find interest and get involved with. And whats was all that about UFOs, thats not astronomy. On the first two nights the sky was clear but they did not take advantage of this by goi
  3. Does anyone know if a PST can be modified to produce better images
  4. Nice to be back imaging again after my Stroke, easy does it, just a Moon shot of Montes Juro, Alpes, Caucases & Alpinninus. 6 mosaic Robin
  5. I have problems holding my Scope system in place when mounting it in my EQ6 while locking the screws. My arms are weak due to past illness. Is there a system where the scope can be located in the saddle, say clicked or snapped in, then held in place with one hand while locking with the other.
  6. My latest images of Jupiter have a blue fringe on one side and yellow on the opposite which I believe to be a spectrum. Is this due to moisture in the air as the sky was very clear and the stars still. I have checked and cleaned my optics
  7. Poor seeing tonight but need to post image to query the two red spots ?
  8. Does anyone know if I can upgrade my SW 250 Flex Tube which has Servo Motors controlling sidereal to a fully goto SkyScan
  9. Managed to capture the Red Spot the other night, usually miss it Robin
  10. Many thanks, that's what I was searching for. Robin
  11. Can anyone put me on to an Auto Focuser for my Celestron 8i Scope. Thanks
  12. Downloaded new version. Still no luck. Here is the result
  13. Is it me or is anyone else having problems with Registax 6 I am getting artifacts on my image, usually straight lined multi sided shapes. I have followed the instructions and tried different settings. It is more obvious on Moon and Sun AVis
  14. I find it easier to focus at 5.6, reasonable depth of field. I would rather use iso 1600 for the speed and I find it not detriment to the quality of the image providing you take many frames. So many imagers go for iso 800 for better quality but I dont notice the difference when I do it considering we usually view the images on a PC screen. If printing out an image I think that this is different and a lower ISO would be better. Again it depends on how large you want to print out the picture. That's my view anyway, many would disagree ! Robin
  15. Laser_jock99 - No dark sky at all, from the edge of Brighton. If it were in a dark area it would be mind blowing Thermos 55mm lens, at 5.6 I think
  16. Hi Thanks for your comments. I have re processed the image and included one showing the new super nova Robin
  17. Hi Themos You may have got the answer. All components on the Dob are firmly fixed so there is no slack, however, my Dob is a SW 250mm Flex Tube and the struts may be flexing at different angles. What do you think
  18. Modded, just filter removed not a Baader fitted, not needed on the 450D - ISO 1600 Robin
  19. I cant get my Dobsonian finder to point accurately at Stars I set it up on a star. say at 45deg alt but when I slew to another say higher or in another direction its out of line. Go back and it still on line with the original On my EQ6 mounted 80mm Scope I have no problem, spot on wherever I point it. Is it something to do with whether its a AltAz or Equitorial Can anyone help me. Robin
  20. At last a clear night, went for an easy one get used to it all again after such a long time. Atik16ICS - 6 x 10 min subs
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