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  1. still perfect 50mm pvc for the wiring through the concrete, i will insert 2x usb cables and 1 cable with 2 sepperate 12 volt power suplies for the ddm mount witch will supply power to the QSI and the mount it self. painting the pier with antirust paint , also used as primer for a satin white look at the end. already 3 layers applyed. my dad and me digging in the back garden. 45cm done, 15cm left....
  2. last weeks i started with the making of a pier. I work for 1 of the biggest steel company's in the world so steel for the pier was the easiest part. I work in telecommunications but for my work i also have to weld etc, so that was also an easy job. the pipe for the pier has the some dimensions as the losmandy g-11 connection. only my is a bit more thick... or how to say that lol. ( 10mm in stead of 8mm from the losmandy ) its 1 meter long, the groundplate is 30x30 centimeters also 10mm thick i geus the photo's should speak for them self. the biggest disadvantage is that i still live at my parents home so i have to get a bigger xmas gift for them this year cutting the pipe. my dad did the drawning cutting the holes, and also big sliding holes for some adjusting when the pier is installed, very tough job with 10mm of thick steel. this fits nicely cleaning the groundplate to get better welding results. making the weldings. everything is welded, still some grinding left. this fits perfect !
  3. so here a post again with some .... results. from france but first, ASA, since a few weeks, maybe 2 months asa is having much better support now. politiciens can say '' sorry '' and its good, i think that beside this mount i will not buy anything anymore from asa unless there will change alot. there is still information missing in the ddm 85 manual, especially about the kinds of ddm 85 that are releases in the mean while, i can count up 4 different ddm 85 models , changing from internal servo drivers to other sensors.... very bad i think, because the version that is after mine is a bit easier in use. now the images again, to bad nothing special, i was having some problems, i forgot a spacer for the ccd lol, so the stars are not round but all tracked without the usage of autoguiding the wall in ngc 7000 2x 15 min with 7nm baader Ha and qsi 583 ws 8 darks for all pelican nebula 5x15 min same as above. ngc 8722 8x15 min same as above picture of the setup.
  4. here are the pics again, sorry for the delay. here a new shot from october in france.
  5. tomorrow i will try to upload them again. a hacker has black out my website also my home servers hard drive died, so have to build up the raid again, i hope i can do that tomorrow as soon as possibl
  6. Yes, i connected the lense to one of my canon bodys. then i set the f number i want and make a exposure,then turn your lens of the body and your lens will maintain that aperture. next time when you connect the lens to youre camera it will be back at the normal f number again.
  7. maybe its vigenetting cause by the fact your photographing on full aperture. i got the same problem when using 70-200 2.8 is on 2.8 with my QSI. nice FOV by the way !
  8. Last week i went to Verclause again with Karel Teuwen, finaly i am back home again, for the cold night i did not have the proper clothing. in the first few days we were having some rain, my just bought telegizmos scope cover did a good job ! here setup without cover. The Wall in NGC 7000 ) 2x15 min chip was -20 and 8 darks gebruikt. ( for every picture i used a QSI 583 WS with baader 7nm Ha filter and vixen r200ss 8'' f4 ) the pelican nebula 5x15 min chip was -20 and 8 darks used NGC 7822 8x15 min chip was -20 and 8 darks used. picture of a sunset. moonset behind some mountains 2 panorama's offcourse your thinking why are those stars so ...., well i forgot to buy a proper spacer for the QSI and baader MPCC, so with the help of Martin Rusterholz and Karel Teuwen both from ROSA observatories we found a proper sollution, but in stead of the normally needed 20mm spacer i only had 24mm spacer No autoguiding used, but beware, its ASA.... do not be excited!! Kind Regards, Erwin Kats
  9. thats a nice image, its a very nice region. the red is very strong in my eyes i think. but i still love the picture
  10. here a raw stack from 5x15 minutes. I reduced the resolution and did auto tone in photoshop. further processing will be done if i made darks. ow, and i got a wrong spacer between my qsi and the baader mpcc, so the stars are a bit fat because the corrector is not on the good place.
  11. so last night a very clear night, the seeing was outstanding! near 20:00 i started with the pointing file that is needed to make your polar alingment. to get the best polar alingment i did the same procedure 3 times. you go to a star in the sky when the mount is synched, then you have to set the star in the center of the ccd or eyepiece, and confirm this with around 5 other stars. then you have to calculate the differences and you can then press a button in the autoslew software to do the polar alingment. the polar alingment is about the same as polaraling max. after that i did an automated pointing file, and when that was done i had to do the plate solving to show the disturbtion of the stars. done that and the mount was amazingly pointing accurate again , this time also on the west side of the meridian. i was able to take up to 20 minute unguided exposures on the east and west side of the meridian.
  12. well the **** keeps going on with asa, how many versions of the mount has been released, electrical specifications and much more are still not availble....... at the moment i am in southern france trying to get ''the best'' out of the mount but at the moment clouded out
  13. i have to say this looks awesome ! controlling a takahashi EM-10 mount with an ipad
  14. thanks for all the information ! it looks awesome cloudwatcher a fellow dutch astrophotographer Arie Nagel ( http://www.astronomie.be/apn/index.htm ) He has been playing with curves in photoshop, and the result he managed is making me happy ! off-course its not a wonderfull image but it comes out way better!
  15. Hey guys, last wednesday i captured 9x1200 seconds of Ha from the california nebula, but i forgot to center the object and i went to bed. afterall i did not make any flats, but because of the high humidity and the moon light i got some gradients in my photo. here the file after stacking the 9x1200 seconds and some photoshop. here a bit bigger file http://www.astro-land.net/wp-content/uploads/california-01.jpg tips etc very welcome.
  16. thanks for all the useful information !! i just oredered the hotech sca crosshari collimator... i decided to give it a try, i also hear very good experiences with this laser collimator. If ill order a 12'' f3.8 in the future ill ask the maker of the telescope for suiting collimation tools, this because i don't want to mess with the mirror myself, what is needed for the catseye collimation. When the Hotech arrives ill try to give an photographic experience with the collimator. regards, Erwin
  17. thats weird... i was always running on the tom's drivers. but on a certain moment that did not work any more for me... PHD did not find the qhy 5 anymore. so after that i downloaded the ascom drivers and it worked straight away.. did you select the good version of the qhy 5 that you own?
  18. get a ddm, its included with less problems i hope you will get it running properly, under the skies were you stay its just amazing
  19. Hello folks, i would like to know whats the best out of those 2 in the left corner the Hotech 2'' SCA lasercollimator in the right corner a bunch of catseye stuff ( chesire, autocollimator + sighttube ) i am wondering what will do the best job, the catseye seems to be working good, but it takes more time and you always have to look through the eyepieces. the hotech with it centering 2'' nosepiece would be a great working piece equipment i think? at the moment i use a 8'' F4 vixen r200ss. but in the futher i would like to invest in a 12'' F3.8 so collimation will be a serious case. kind regards, Erwin
  20. maybe its nice to mention that you can also use the qhy 5 through the ASCOM platform. the downloads can be found here. QHY CCD software Download http://www.astro-land.net/wp-content/uploads/DSC01304.jpg
  21. well at least there are ''no'' mechanical errors. for me the mount is operating pretty good, but i still hear people were the mount is not running properly. but the support is getting better ( at least ) next weekend ill post more info, in the mean while you can look on my youtube channel to see some videos about the ddm. sorry for my mistaking in the videos, i am thinking dutch, but i try to talk english. YouTube - ErwinKats's Channel
  22. Hey Guys, its already a while ago, but after some testing with the mount again during a few clear nights i am now managing 15 minut sub exposures.... but! the software is a real pain in the tip of my finger. not only for me but also other ddm owners. besides, the usb to serial convertor is from bad made, and i had to tie it up. otherwise i was losing my RA axis the whole time. here a photo of the screen during centering the stars for polar alingment. when you did a good polar alingment you can use the program sequence + autoslew + a star catalog ( GSC 1.1 for me ) + Maxim in this program everything will be automated, the software takes a picture, and goes to the next point, and then you will do a plate solving. the plate solving will calculate the difference between the real position of the star and the position that is seen by the ccd camera. here a test image from 20x5 minutes, i didn't do any longer because my telescope is out of collimation. its a piece of the california nebula with the vixen r200ss.
  23. @olly, thanks ! , and o no, i was googling on les granges but i found several other places but it was not even near verclause but nice to know for next time, maybe september ill go to verclause again @Peter, and even without a falling setup @Simon, thanks, and good luck in france ! @Maurice,als thanks it was with the g-11, the ddm is not ready for field usage yet
  24. lovely colors ! i like the small star cluster above sadr.
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