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  1. Hi guys, Currently I have a skywatcher 150p on an eq3-2 mount, I have added a motor and tried the hack for guided astrophotography, to be honest I think I have got as much out of this set up as I can, the setup time is to long so looking for something to give me better tracking, brighter images and quicker setup time. I was thinking about upgrading my mount to this http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/skywatcher-heq5-pro-synscan.html and keep using the same scope for now. My question is how good is the tracking for astrophotography after aligning the mount?. Its this part that takes up all my time on the EQ3-2. Also, does anyone have an recommendations for a portable telescope (8" and up) for viewing only. Thanks again for all your help. Ronan
  2. Hello All I have finally managed to finish my Astronomy Action Centre app for Windows 8. You can find it here http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/app/astronomy-action-centre/0c8cff77-1e0f-445b-9628-92fe602d2c98 My plan for this app was to centralise all my stargazing needs. So you can check cloud cover (Europe only for now), aurora alerts and Todays Sun images as well as get the latest news from the ESA and NASA. There are also sections for podcasts, astrophotography and the Messier catalogue. Give it a go and download and I would love to get some feedback / feature requests from the community. Ronan
  3. I have being doing some webcam imaging now for about a year, and although I am happy enough with the images I am getting I am keen to improve them. Now seeing as money is in short supply my upgrade path is pretty limited. Current Setup Skywatcher 150p EQ3-2 Mount Philips SPC900 webcam Would upgrading the scope to a 200p give a bigger improvement than replacing the Philips SPC webcam with a proper CCD camera. I would also like to do some DSO imaging but realise I am restricted big time with my mount.
  4. Cheers guys, I will be back at home this evening and will post a picture of my setup, I think were I have got confused is that as Cornelius Varley pointed out the instructions show it on the right but the mount seems to natural rotate so that both motors are on the left as per JamesF setup.
  5. Hello, I have installed my eq3-2 dual axis motor, but foolishly dont know if I have my mount the right way round. Looking straight at the mount I have the dec gears facing me with the dec motor on the right. I can place the dec motor on the left but I have to turn the dec head 180. I was wondering if anyone has any pictures of their mounts with motors attached so I can put my mind at ease. I will post some pictures of my setup as soon as possible.
  6. Thanks for the advice, I restacked some of the footage from the other night in Autostakkert 2 and processed it with the wavelets in registax. This is the result. I think your right about AS2 being better at planets. The cloud bands look far more natural in this image
  7. So far these are the best images of Jupiter I can get. these were taken with a Skywatcher 150p Reflector and a Revelation 5x Barlow Just wondering if anyone has any tips on imaging and processing. I have run them through PIPP and registax and a little tweaking in photoshop, but still cannot get them close to what I see others getting with the same telescope.
  8. That is an amazing image, I have the same scope although it is on an EQ3-2. I was wondering if you could share some of your techniques. I have being trying to capture Jupiter so far here are two of the best I could manage.
  9. I found that as well, only thing is in my focuser there was a lot play when the Cheshire was not all the way in, meaning that the crosshairs were not always in the same place. I found that using a combination of the cap and Cheshire fully inserted I was better able to line all up
  10. Oh by the way its is a great visual scope as well
  11. I was in exactly the same boat last year, and decided on a Skywatcher 150p on an EQ3-2 mount. I know everyone says that the EQ3-2 mount is not steady enough for photographs, but I am quite happy with the results from it. You can see some of the photos I took using this setup on the following link. http://www.viewfromascope.com/astrophotography/ There is also some posts here about my initial thoughts on the telescope.
  12. Thanks guys, I got my hands on a collimating cap and soon as I put it in, it all became clear. I think I now have my telescope collimated. Everything seems to line up. Just need a clear sky to test it out.
  13. Thanks guys, I cant believe I have being using my telescope for a year and the collimator I had was out, It was a cheapy one I got on ebay and since reading more about it, it seems that these laser collimators are not the be all and end all. So I got a Cheshire and have spent the last 3 frustrating days trying to get my telescope collimated. I think I am my own worse enemy here as I get close then cant get the last bit to line up, so undo all my work and start again. I suppose the main question I have is how do you ensure the Cheshire is square in the focuser. If I hold and lock it at a certain angle I get my secondary right in the centre and all looks good, but if I just place it in as I would an eyepiece the secondary looks to low. I have attached an image through the Cheshire, could someone let me know if I am on the right track. Cheers Image http://sdrv.ms/1bieLqd
  14. I have read loads of articles online about collimating a reflector, I have a laser collimator and as far as I can tell I am doing everything that is required. However I spend ages getting everything lined up and all looks well. But if i remove and then immediately reseat the collimator it shows up as out of line again both on the primary and the collimation target. It is incredibly frustrating as I am not sure what i am doing wrong.
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