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  1. Thanks for the recommendations - I've just ordered my copy. Looks just like what I'm after to get a better understanding of starting astrophotography.
  2. Thanks for the tip Nigel. To be honest, I'm so used to a haze from Teesside that Sutton Bank seemed pretty darned dark! Is the place you mean North or South of Kepwick? Plenty of single track around those parts!
  3. Only just below freezing last night - but pleased I had my huntsman's gloves - fingerless, with stitched on finger cover. Best bit is the slit in the thumb, allowing proper control/dexterity. Thinsulate lined. They're made by Country Innovations - most RSPB reserves in the UK seem to stock them. With apologies to all Vegans (my sister is one) - proper fur hat makes all the difference. Rabbit fur trapper hat made by Stetson - warmest hat I've ever had. Warm as toast in a Rab down jacket. Feet were a bit of an issue - had wool socks on, but next time I'm taking my US snow boots - thinsulate lining should counteract chilly toes!
  4. Hi all. Well after moving house and all that it entails, I finally got back to the sky again last night. Even bothered to take a trip to Sutton Bank. Fantastic viewing. Only had an hour an a half to spare, but catching a wonderful crescent moon, Venus, Mars, Uranus (a first!!!!), Jupiter, Orion Nebula, 2 meteors & 1 satellite, I was pretty breathless. Telrad worked a treat (with homemade dew shield). Only complaint was freezing feet! Will be getting back up the Bank soon - very much worth the half hour trip - nice and quiet up there too, so few problems avoiding car headlights stealing my night vision! Need to work on polar alignment - still haven't got it fully sussed......any advice gratefully received. Now I remember why I love this hobby!
  5. Thanks - that's a great tip, I've downloaded Stellarium now - can't believe it's free!
  6. Hi. Well, it's taken a while but I'm just about up and running now! I've been casually interested in astronomy for ages now, ever since dad showed me a fuzzy Saturn through his spotting scope in the back garden 30 years ago. Well I'm delighted to say that on it's maiden flight my new Skywatcher 200P bagged me 6 moons on the same night! I've often heard that folks can be disappointed when they first peer down a Newtonian for the first time - nothing could have been further from the truth for me - to get cracking views of the Moon, Jupiter with Callisto, Io, Europa and Ganymede as well as Saturn (including my first glimpse of the Cassini division) and Titan, I was blown away! I'm thinking of sticking with planetary observation for the first few nights - just so I can get used to my new kit. DSOs can wait for a while as there's soooooooo much to learn! I've learned a lot from looking through discussion forums here, so I thought it was about time I joined in the fun!
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