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  1. Thanks Glowjet, Rich and Billy. Sorry for not replying earlier, I haven't been on the forum in the last week. After Googling a bit further the day after my initial post, I found out the drill and tap sizes I'd need (same as Glowjet mentioned) and used an electric drill to make a couple of holes in the bar. This suprisingly went okay (DIY is not my usually my strong point). However, I only had the right drill bit and not the tap, so I ordered one on Amazon (£3) the following day. Annoyingly, it still hasn't turned up so I haven't finished the job yet. After watching a couple of vids on Youtube though, it doesn't look too difficult, so hopefully it will go okay. Billy, thanks a lot for your kind offer, I might still take you up on it if I make a mess of the tapping! Thanks also, Rich. TBH I really dislike EQ mounts. I've used a 90mm/500 refractor (about 2.5kg) with the sturdy camera tripod and head that I have and really found it to be fine for my needs (I'm just a casual observer and occasionally do a bit of afocal photography). The 114 Newtonian tube is lighter than the refractor so I think it will be okay. I'll post an update when I finally tap these holes . Cheers.
  2. Is that fairly easy to do? Do you know what tap and drill bit sizes I would need? Thanks.
  3. I have a sturdy camera tripod with a decent quality head, which I'm sure could take the weight of the relatively light Skywatcher 1145p tube I've just got hold of. However, the dovetail bar on the tube doesn't have any holes in it. I don't really want to remove the bar and buy one new as, apart from the cost, it would involve removing the secondary mirror, etc, and looks like it would be pretty tricky. So basically I'm looking for some kind of adapter or some other way to be able to attach the tripod head's standard 1/4" plate. I've had a quick Google on this but am not exactly sure what I'm looking for so thought I'd ask you nice people here . Thanks a lot for any help.
  4. I'm wondering if this would be suitable... http://www.amazon.co.uk/Traveller-Magnesium-Aluminium-5-Section-Adjustable/dp/B00SOSF5GY/ref=sr_1_9?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1432890201&sr=1-9&keywords=traveller+tripod...folded length is 35cm and max load capacity of 8kg.
  5. Thanks a lot! The basic one is fair bit cheaper than some of the other tripods I've been looking at. It's good to know that someone with the same scope (Skymax 102) has used it with success. Ideally though (possibly unrealistically), I'm looking for something that will fold down to a really short length...like about 40cm, so I can fit it in this nice little padded bag I have along with the scope. Do you know if anything like this exists? I've had a look on Amazon and Ebay, but most of the ones that fold down that short don't appear to be sturdy enough (unlike the ones you've mentioned).
  6. If anyone has the steel tripod that comes with various Skywatcher GOTO scopes (ST102, Starmax 102, etc), like this one: http://www.opticalvision.co.uk/astronomical_telescopes-sky-watcher-mountings/synscan_goto_compterised_alt.html...could you tell me how long and wide it is when fully collapsed? I just want to know if it will fit in a bag I have . Thanks
  7. Thanks for the reply, happy-kat. It seems that the Merlin mount might be more the kind of thing I'm looking for then. Googling about a bit, I see that this mount actually came with the (now unavailable) Celestron Backpacker package (not sure if it was ever available in the UK), which included the same 90mm Mak you can get with the Skywatcher Virtuoso: http://www.celestron.com/browse-shop/uncategorized/backpacker-90m-telescope
  8. Does anyone know if it's possible to fit the Skywatcher Virtuoso mount fairly easily in a backpack for portability? The Heritage 130p dob mount is definitely too bulky to do this (unless perhaps you are a big strapping guy with a very big rucksack), but the Vituoso one looks to be smaller. Is it possible to remove the base on it? From the photos I've seen, that appears to be only thing that would give it some slightly awkward bulk. Also, does anyone have any experience with the Skywatcher/Acuter Merlin tabletop mount? That one looks to be smaller still, and apparently you can remove the base on it. Thanks for any help.
  9. Thanks for the replies. So then with the handset can you move the scope up, down, left and right just by pressing a button? When not using the GOTO function I mean, just for scanning through the sky.
  10. Hi, I was wondering if, when not using the GOTO function, you can hand move the Synscan mount that comes with the Startravel 102... like in a similar way you do with a Skywatcher Heritage dob? Thanks
  11. Hi Gazabone, thanks for the reply. On the Heritage dob you can't do that because there is no attachment plate, the RD finder just attaches to a bit of plastic. I think maybe I need to adjust the base of the finder itself, but I don't know how to do it.
  12. Just to clarify... shifting the bottom adjustment barrel on the RD finder to the left moves the red dot (as you see it) downwards, but when I have the barrel as far leftwards as it will go, the red dot still appears higher than the object centered in the eyepiece. Hope that makes sense...
  13. I have a new Skywatcher Heritage 130p dob which came with the standard Skywatcher red dot finder. I've had the same telescope and finder before, which worked fine. However, I can't get the finder that came with this scope to align properly. When I shift the bottom adjustment barrel all the way to the left, the red dot still appears slightly above whatever I have centered in the eyepiece. Does anyone what's causing this and how I can fix it? Thanks for any help.
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