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  1. I had a problem with the locks on the legs of my Skywatcher Az Go-to tripod. One of the brass captive threads came out of the plastic fitting. It was probably due to overtightening but had reached the stage where it was impossible to tighten it enough to hold the leg at the chosen height. I tried to glue the threads back in but this didn't work very well so I came up with a permanent solution which I thought might be useful to others. I am sure I am not the only person to have this happen to their tripod. I have used a pipe clip around the leg to stop the brass thread coming out but so you can continue to use the tripod in the usual way I have drilled a hole in the pipe clip so you can screw the existing thumb screw through it. The pipe clip must be around 1/2inch (13mm) wide and the hole is 8mm. You must drill the hole accurately in the middle so there is some material left either side of the hole. See the photos and I hope this is useful to someone. James
  2. Wryneck

    Tripod repair

    SW Az go-to tripod leg repair
  3. I would be fairly sure all tripod threads are standard. Certainly the 1/4inch is otherwise you would have the situation with some cameras,scopes etc.. not fitting certain tripods. It would be a mess. So I would assume the 3/8inch is also a standard. Have a close look at it maybe there is a burr on the thread of the adapter or trigger grip. James
  4. I am not sure about in an 8 inch Dob but I am sure I found it last night with my 15 x 70 binoculars on a monopod.I have been following its progress and it was where I expected it to be. Very faint with nucleus dimmer than some nearby stars but a bigger point of light with the tail wide and very dim. I have got my doubts now but last night I was sure I had seen it. I hope I wasn't looking at something else in that area! I will have another look tonight. Good luck in your search James
  5. Thanks for the welcome messages it’s appreciated along with the recommendations. I have downloaded Stellarium and it’s going to be a very useful guide. To answer the questions, my scope is a SW Mak127 AZ Go-to which I got of ebay with a bunch of accessories like 9 x 50 RA finder, Power pack, Assortment of EP’s and a Red torch and very pleased I am with it. The clothes peg didn’t come with the kit I added that later and it works well with a slight touch of a gloved finger to tweak the focus. Peg is slightly larger than a standard peg. Anyway the sky is relatively clear and its getting dark so I am off outside with my bins and a planisphere to learn some more constellations. James
  6. Yes a SW mak127 with clothes peg mod, one of the little gems picked up from this forum
  7. I been lurking for a few months and have already got some great advice by reading this forum. It seems a very friendly forum with lots of expert knowledge shared and well worth joining. I have always had a low level interest in astronomy but birding has been my real interest. I have some expensive ‘terrestrial’ optics which I have occasionally pointed upwards and been captivated by the sights. One of the most frustrating things for me was finding things with my spotting scope and if successful trying to follow it through the sky. So a few months ago I decided to get some specialist astronomy optics and a go-to mount to improve my chances. I must say it’s been great and every night without clouds I have out in the garden with the family under strict instructions to keep the curtains closed and the lights at the back of the house OFF. That’s enough from me for now! All the best James
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