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  1. "Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Her ongoing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life-forms and new civilizations; to boldly go where no one has gone before."

    1. Sven Buttler

      Sven Buttler

      funny coincident, when I read this, I was watching a TNG episode on blu ray, and the opening credits were exactly in sync :)

  2. Welcome to the SGL As I was correctly informed by a fellow gazer... " any scope that you use is a good " However I share your interest in finding a " suitable " scope amongst the varied range that exists.
  3. Hoping for clear skies tonight !

  4. Greetings one and all and many thanks for your warm welcome Sadly the weather appears to be conspiring against all of us lately however the sun is shining so let's hope the clouds stay away... Clear skies everyone
  5. Thank you all for the information and warm welcome
  6. Hello and welcome to SGL Hope the dent in the wallet is healing
  7. Hello and welcome from Shropshire, UK.
  8. I'm guessing perseverance is the key ?
  9. Good evening... And what a chilly one it has been. I'm a recent returnee to the SGL as explained in a separate post(s) over the weekend. This evening I managed to get the tatty, 15 year old TASCO out for half an hour with my wife and the year old. The wife was a reluctant gazer as she isn't keen on the outdoors, well cold to be honest. Having eyeballed the brightest star I could see on leaving work I informed my wife and daughter that I intended to leave the scope outside while I had my dinner and watched the first half of the FA Cup match on the box and at half time I'd be outside to try and get a look at Jupiter. I was amazed hen my three year old, who doesn't like sleep, must be some alien vampire night dweller, proclaimed she wanted to see the stars too. I've been showing her the moon and stars since she was two and now she wants to see a shooting star. After fiddling about for ten minutes, user error and a lost manual, I managed to get alignment on Jupiter and WOW. At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks or thee was something wrong with the set up as the image was smaller than usual but with greater clarity however I couldn't work out what the pin pricks of light on the equatorial (?) line of Jupiter were. I fetched my daughter and eventually she wasamazed by the tiny white lights that looked like the moon shining through the eyepiece on to my cheek and in to her eye when I held her above it. It the dawned on me that the pin [removed word] lights were indeed moons. What a sense of excitement that was. So much so that I dragged my wife outside, not physically, to show her. She too was amazed by the clarity, the " lines " visible and eventually identified the moons in the eye piece as well. It's been a long time since I last enjoyed gazing to this extent and one desire in renewing my interest is to try and generate an interest in stargazing with my daughter and her cousins. How nice it is to have clear skies ! On a technical matter for guidance, my daughter wants to know where " Planet Dave " and " Q Pootle 5 " are and can she see them through the telescope ! Any suggestions anyone ? LOL Sorry for rambling but it's been a most eventful and enjoyable evening looking at the heavens with my wife and daughter. Clear skies and good seeing
  10. Afternoon folks .. Does anyone know of an Astronomy Society in Shropshire ?
  11. Apologies for spelling errors above ... Fat finger syndrome on the iPad PS Any tips on cleaning the TASCO scope ? It's been collecting dust for about eight years. A pal suggested a flammable liquid and a match !
  12. Greetings one and all..... I've been registered on here a while however due to work and family commitments had little time to engage in SGL or the heavens. I bought my first telescope about 15 years or so ago, a TASCO 302012 - D114 mm / F900 mm - which I still have and used for the first time in about eight years recently in an attempt to view Jupiter. This was exciting and allowing for user error, equipment condition and lack of suitable clothing - forgotten how cold it can get - quite a successful hour or so. My interest has never faded however having a small child and busy work schedule viewing took a back seat, becoming of the domain of late night walks with the dogs on a cold clear night to marvel at the heavens with just my eyes. Thankfully we live at least four miles from the nearest major conurbation. Anyway, enough rambling, I am thinking of building an observatory to re-kindle this interest and inspire my daughter ( and her friends & cousins ) if the opportunity arises and the interest is there. Having tried the TASCO again, yes I know it's not brilliant, any suggestions on a scope to look at as a permanent fixture outdoors and building materials and construction for an observatory ? I've looked at the roll on and off roof sheds and the plastic domes and they don't fit with the local architecture and flora I've been looking at the MEADE range, the 10" LX200 with goto - helps with limited time viewing and the weather here ! I've also looked at the Celstron scopes. My concern here is that I may be falling in to the aperture trap. Advice please ? DSO's as well as local planetary viewing ( keep and sort the TASCO out possibly for this ? ) are my interests. Enough garbled rambling from a novice. Any advice received would be appreciated and taken merely as your opinion. Clear skies
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