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  1. Hahaha I'm in the process of looking for a place to rent in Dublin...my requirements have slightly changed Malcolm I have to thank you mate, helping me figure things out and pointing me in the direction of all the required kit. I cant wait to get my mind blown by these stars! I believe were over due for a supernova
  2. Guys, thank you very much for all your help I really and truly do appreciate it. So I've decided I'm going for it, 200pds and HEQ5 synscan goto. No matter what I think its a great investment into something I've wanted for years. As for portability, its my "cross to bear" now Im delighted and crazy excited to get it! im going to get the book next month when I have money Im on the prision rations until then Again thanks to all!!
  3. sorry to make that distance sound a little less silly its about a 5 minute walk.
  4. hahaha cheers lads well I know I came to the right spot and I'm in good hands! Yep you're spot on Knobby...portability is one of my concerns along with light pollution but we'll ignore that one for the moment. complete guesstemate...1000 metres I would have to carry it. Theres a spot at the back of a housing estate surround by trees so no street lights or house lights are in view. I could use a trolley up to a point then its off-road. If its a better option to carry the scope allready seated on the mount I could probably throw it of the shoulder and away I go? Or again am I just being naive? Funny you guys mention the book as I'm going to the book store to pick something I ordered during the week and I will see if they have it in there! I only found this site out the other day also http://www.bookdepository.com/ free shipping world wide and its really cheap...but everywhere is compared to Ireland so not too sure for the UK Thanks for the info Obi but yet again Ireland strikes... Ive looked on all of our advert sites and there is literally nothing there or a complete rip off or I'm just not aware of the right places!? Rik I think I'm going to make the jump for a HEQ5 goto mount. Seems to be the right choice with potential for an upgrade to a 200PDS at a later date? Thanks a million lads
  5. Hi Knobby, Haha I was getting a tad down hearted. I've been wanting to do this for years but never had the money to invest and now I do, but I really want to invest in getting it right first time so I don't have to re-invest for at least a year or two? Something that will keep my interest you know? I did a fair bit of research into the difference between the MAK's and newts but for and odd reason (and I say odd because I've never used a telescope) my heart really and truly is set on a Newtonian. That's based on the telescopes capabilites and what I eventually really want to get out of it. I mean in fairness I was originally looking to spend £500 max at one point and a month later its doubled The way I'm looking at approaching this is 1. get a good all rounder scope but primary focus is on AP at some point 2. get a good mount so that I dont have to upgrade or change given AP high end requirements This will give me a good basis to work from and at a later date when I get more into it and my pockets get deeper I can invest in the rest of the equipment? Such as: 1. guide scope <-- still tring to get my head around this one 2. good dslr After talking about it now I kind of realise what I'm trying to achieve here is a solid foundation of equipment that when I get more into it I can the really pursue the AP side of things...if that makes sense? The phone idea truly is a waste of time from what I gather but I'm glad that my expectations of the equipment and setup I was originally going for, was to be honest ridiculous for my budget. Once again really appreciate the help everyone's giving me on this
  6. Excuse my French but...Jaysus that's a serious looking setup! Again thanks a million for the help... there's a lot more involved than I thought.... I'm going to end up breaking the bank! Ok so if I want to do some deep sky stuff which is the main reason I'm going for this setup, I'm looking at getting the following: 150 PDS HEQ5 (GOTO) <-- essential in my eyes Guidescope <-- not so essential to begin with???? Potentially a decent camera dslr <-- I'm willing to give the gimmicky setup a go and at a later date get a camera. I can get apps for the phone that allow you to alter the exposure times but as you said, it wont be anything near a good camera and probably a complete waste of time. I suppose starting out taking photos of the moon and likes is a good place to start without too much investment. I'll go check out the imaging section and see what results people are getting as you recommended so I can actually see the results/effort that went into it on what equipment. When it comes to portability, I am going to have to carry this thing around. I have a tennis club out my back garden so when people are playing the flood lights are on viewing is a no go in the entire housing estate. There's a great field nearby but I don't have a car and as I said I'll have to carry it. I'm afraid that when it comes to imaging again, this is a big no no. There's a lot moving parts for me to mess up in transit (which I dont have any experience with e.g. collimation etc) so setup times will increase a lot correct? I have to laugh...I was so certain of things yesterday and now I'm almost back to square one....my heart tells me to just fork out the cash...my brain is saying wait. Thanks very much for all the help and guidance. very much appreciated!
  7. Fantastic info Malcolm, it is exactly what I was afraid of.... although the 150 is about 2/3 the size of the 200 its the motors and precision I was concerned with. As for my expectations...I suppose because I'm new to all this (first ever scope) I just wanted a decent one to look at planets and the moon etc, learn my way around the sky and when I gain more understanding/experience DSO and AP. What I didn't want to find out was there's something I cant do. I know so little at the moment it was just going to be a case of as you said point and shoot with a bit of messing around with the exposure times etc. And I see what you are saying, invest in the mount so it makes upgrading a whole lot easier and less costly in the long run, so I really appreciate the comments as you've probably saved me a ton of cash. Forgive my ignorance but what is a "guiding setup" and a "guidescope"? with regards to the phones camera, I thought this might be a tad gimmicky but looking at the specs on the phone its actually crazy high for a mobile. 4-ultrapixel camera f/2.0, with 1080P video, according to their graph its just behind a fujifilm x10. Not sure if that's a good camera or not but I suppose its an easy starting point for me. (If someone can make sense of the info here and tell me if I'm dreaming I'll be able to get anything decent with it: http://www.htc.com/www/zoe/) Again Malcolm thanks for the words of wisdom, really appreciate it.
  8. Hello there, This is my first post so be gentle Im looking on the FLO website and they have a Skywatcher explorer 150 pds on an EQ5 PRO. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/reflectors/skywatcher-explorer-150p-ds-eq-5-pro-goto.html From reading other posts most people recommend the HEQ5 but I cant afford it. I would have to buy the scope and mount seperate. So I'm a little scared to fork out just under a 1,000 euro on my first scope (EQ5 PRO), if the mount wont support imaging. Also I'll be using a universal adapter to take pictures with my htc one as I dont have an slr/dslr camera. Anyone got any reservations/advice on what I'm trying to achieve? Thanks in advance, Aidan
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    All about My SW 200PDS and HEQ5 synscan :)
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