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  1. Most of the messier objects have an NGC designation. I think given the choice I'd go with the messier number when referring to an object as people are more familiar with them.
  2. Out of interest, when a supernova like this occurs, does hubble image it or is hubble busy doing more important research?
  3. Yes everything will be upside down, but then again there isn't really an upside down in space It doesn't really affect finding things for me as I tend to locate with the red dot finder and view through the eyepiece. Things don't tend to be perfectly framed anyway, for instance I viewed the owl cluster recently at it was on its side compared to reference pictures.
  4. Hi Andy, I have previously joined the CLASS group and almost got to the last meet up but ended up with too much on that day to attend. I'm hoping to get to the next one though! Paul, I'll be sure to look up The Astronomy Centre in Todmorden
  5. I am looking at picking up something along the lines of this scope later this year. Does anyone know how the ZS71 compares to the Altair Astro 70ED? http://www.altairastro.com/product.php?productid=16686&cat=270&page=1 They look almost identical in terms of spec and had almost the same review in the sky at night mag.
  6. Hi from Mike up North What kind of scope did you get?
  7. +1 here for the Heritage 130P rather than the 130 on an EQ mount as it is more beginner friendly. Extend the scope, attach the finder, plug in an eyepiece and you're off. You may want to invest in something to put the scope on, I have a little folding table that I use. A friend of mine bought a 2nd hand 130 on an EQ2 and hardly took it out as he wasn't keen on the additional set up time needed to align the mount. It was fun for me to learn the process though
  8. cultiv8ed


    Welcome from a fellow newbie
  9. The edges of Preston aren't too bad for LP. Its better than the centre of Manchester. UCLAN have their Alston observatories only a few miles east of Preston. I've managed to spot M57 in my skies with the heritage 130 if that's any indication.
  10. Thanks everyone and thanks for the recommendations
  11. Based on this, would it be worth looking at a small maksutov like a skywatcher skymax 102 due to the increased focal length for planetary viewing?
  12. I've been lurking on the forum for quite a while and taking in the wealth of knowledge on here so I decided it was time to say hello. I'm Mike from Preston, UK. I have had a Skywatcher Heritage 130 since March 2013 and have tried to get out regularly each month with it. I have bought a few new EPs since then (BST 8mm and Maxview 24mm), learned the dark art of collimation and made myself a shroud/ rudimentary dew shield using a black yoga mat I'm particularly fond of viewing the gas giants, open/globular clusters and the orion nebula. The faintest fuzzy object that I have spotted so far has been the triangulum galaxy while on holiday in Cumbria. Andromeda has eluded me so far but I will be giving that another try while its cold and dark. This year I'm hoping to purchase a more grab-n-go style telescope in the form of a wide-field refractor with a photographic tripod and then eventually branch out to solar astronomy with a filter for it and maybe even some imaging with a different mount + camera.
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