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  1. Exploded "Death Stars"....... May the force be with you!
  2. I just received my new 8SE and mount, I guess I'm one of the lucky ones as everything out of the box worked just like it should. The power tank came out of the box fully charged. The star pointer only needed a few adjustment turns to align with the OTA. The hand controller seems to be a newer upgraded controller and does not match the one in the instruction manual. I did a two star alignment and I was off to Saturn,M4,M13,M57,M81,M82, the Leo Trio and to finish off the night stopped be Mizar and Alcor a double star. The vibration suppression pads worked just great and the dew shield performed just like it should. I am very satisfied with the new 8SE and mount and all the accessories I ordered with it. Cheers and clear skies.
  3. First light went very well. Everything out of the 8SE box worked just fine.Power tank was fully charged right out of the box.(must have been made on a Wednesday...lol") Quick setup and the take down was just as quick. Two star alignment on Polaris and Vega and the 8SE mount went to what and where ever I requested it to go. Saturn, The Leo Trio,M4, M13, M57, M81 & M82 and then I stopped by Mizar and Alcor just because I could. What an "OH WOW" factor over my AstroMaster 114EQ and CG-2 mount. Then the marine layer off the Pacific Ocean started coming over the hills so it was time to pack it all in. And like I said take down was quick and easy even with the laptop and 2 accessory box's. Well all 'n all a very good first light night. I kept thinking of all the problems other new 8SE owners have reported and that they had to send everything back was what I was dreading all night long. So far...so good. "Cheers"
  4. Well I aligned the red dot star finder to the OTA using the white dome of the Mt Palomar observatory witch I can see 30 miles away from my front porch out across the lake here. I have read that a lot of new 8SE owners are having to use playing card shims to get the star finder aligned. It just took a few turns and this one was spot on the dome of the observatory. Next will be the first alignment of the 8SE NexStar hand controller and systems checks.
  5. I agree but 203mm seems large to me...lol! I was a tank commander in the U.S. Army and I commanded M60A2 main battle tanks in the 70's that had a 152mm main gun/missile launcher and that was by all accounts a very,very large main gun for a tank so you can see where I'm coming from.
  6. This is definitely a new type OTA. It has the "FASTAR" secondary mirror.http://www.opticsplanet.com/celestron-fastar-lens-assebmly.html
  7. Also noted was that the hand controller is of a newer type and does not match the one pictured in the manual. The buttons have seemed to have been improved on the HC and some of the buttons are labeled completely different from the one pictured in the manual. It all seem to be ok but I will not know for sure until "operation first light" has been put into motion. I just hope they sent me the right HC as I have read about our fellow astronomers receiving the HC for I think the AVX mount instead of the HC for the 8SE.
  8. The FedEx truck made it here yesterday with my new Celestron 8SE ("special edition" I just found out) and mount. I purchased it from Telescopes.com so as to get the 8SE Ultimate Bundle deal. Everything arrived all in the same FedEx load. The 8SE and mount is much larger than the scale you get in the photos from Telescopes.com. This thing is "BIG!". Picture a standard sized office/military waste paper basket on a tripod and you will have an idea how large it is. The OTA is light weight though and when mounted is easy to carry witch is one of the main reasons I went with the 8SE. The tripod is solid and should to just fine with the vibration suppression pads placed at the bottom of the tripod legs. I'm used to the CG-2 mount of my AstroMaster 114EQ so this is quite the step up in a mount for me. I live in an suburban orange zone of Southern California and the GoTo will be a nice addition to my kit. The accessories I ordered along with the bundle also arrived ie: the Celestron dew shield and Celestron vibration suppression pads. The power tank interestingly enough came out of the box fully charged. The Celestron EP's that came in the bundle kit are all coated plossl EP's but of the lowest order and will be replaced A.S.A.P. So everything made it ok and I am now making my "first light" pre-plan for observation tonight if the smoke from the wild fires and the marine layer from the Pacific Ocean will give me a break tonight. "Cheers and clear skies"
  9. For those of you that are not familiarized with the CG-2 mount that comes with the AstroMaster 114EQ and a few other telescopes the RA, Dec and mounting knobs are all the same shape.The mounting knob may be turned unintentionally in the dark when searching for the Dec knob releasing the OTA from the mount thus the tennis ball over the knob as protection from a catastrophic end to an evening of observing. Thanks to forums like this I was made aware of this design oversight and could come up with a solution that saved me from what had happened to an unfortunate owner of the CG-2 mount.
  10. I also own the AstroMaster 114EQ. It has been a interesting telescope to start out with. I have had to overcome some of the idiosyncracies of his reflector and mount but I am enjoying the views I get from it while observing. I had to replace the red dot finder as the one that comes with it is useless. I installed an Orion AccuFocus to eliminate OTA shake while focusing. I have had to learn how to remove and reinstall the Bird-Jones corrector lens that is at the bottom of the focuser for proper collimation. I installed a doughnut shaped center spot to the primary mirror as this telescopes primary mirror is "not" center spotted. And I also put a small red tennis ball over the mounting knob so as not to turn it in the dark and release the OTA from the mount and have it crash to the ground. It is now a much better system to work with than it was out of the box.
  11. Hi Matt. I make one leg of my tripod the "southern" leg. What I mean to say is I have one leg of the tripod that is always pointed out to the south every time I set up. I have marked the pavement in my backyard where the legs of my tripod go so I set up in the same spot every time and do my polar alignment to the mount from this starting point. The tripod leg to the south gives me room to operate my telescope in the more open north side of the tripod legs unless of course I roll the OTA to observe past the Zenith.
  12. Yeah I was quite surprised to see they had the "red" tennis balls and that they were small was a bonus. It was just perfect to put over that mounting knob to keep me from touching it while observing.
  13. Go to edit your profile and on the left side of the screen you will see "signature" click on that to edit or add your signature witch most members use to list their equipment on. "Cheers"
  14. I have the same mount and reflector. I went to a pet shop and purchased a smaller than normal size (red) tennis ball, cut a cross shape slit on one side and placed it over the mounting knob so as to be able to feel the tennis ball in the dark. This keeps me from turning the mounting knob and releasing the OTA from the mount and having it crash to the ground. The red tennis ball kinda looks cool on the mount and provokes a lot of "what's with the red tennis ball?" inquiries.
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