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  1. Sorry so long to get back. Went on a short vacation. Pictures are not on my website.n They are on this site, under Sunset Observatory. Thank you for asking
  2. Hello Brother, as far as your weight issue, a simple fix would be to turn your scope in the mounting rings. Place your camera in the focuser while it is pointing straight up. If you have enough counter weight this should solve your issue. Use your camera in live view mode and a laptop for focusing and viewing. Good luck in your project. Clear skies
  3. I am not a pro but it sounds as if your sensor need to be thoroughly cleaned as well as your filters. You may even want to check your primary and secondary mirrors. I have a similar problem. After a close inspection of sensor and mirrors I found that the sensor did have some small specks on it. Even after it had went through the "auto clean" process. It may not be the most highly suggested method, but a lens cloth and some rubbing alcohol took care of all the minute specks. You can check your cleaning by photographing a white wall @ f/22 then magnify the image. Any specks will show up as small black dots in your photo. Check out my solar shots, they are clean as can be. Good luck with your project. Clear skies brother
  4. White dwarf is correct in solving your problem. Sounds as though your focuser does not have enough travel. Most of my photos, especially solar photography I have placed a 10 mm eyepiece inside my T-adapter on the rear cell of my 12" SCT. Although a SCT may have a longer travel of mirror adjustment than your focuser. If you get a chance, check out the solar photos on my site. I have no problem in achieving focus that way. I used a standard T-adapter, drilled and tapped 3 1/4 holes 120 degrees apart to hold the eyepiece. You may have to experiment with a longer tele-extender. But using a 10 mm eyepiece, you should not need a barlow of any magnification. Best of luck to you in your project. Clear skies brother
  5. Polar alignment can be tricky at best. There are several software programs that will aid in this set up. PHD is a decent program, however there is one out there that beats them all. It is a short download, and works extremely well. It will even give you the option of your present longitude and latitude and works off your computers internal clock. By default it will show you 4 windows, however you can set it up to show 6. Each window can be set to whatever time frame separation you want, I find a difference of 10 minutes per winder works well. The name of this program is Polar finder. Bring it up in your browser and click the download according to your operating system. Best of luck. Clear skies brother
  6. You could possible check the ISO settings on your camera. It sounds as if the ISO is set to a high setting that allows more light to enter. When shooting the sun, A good Thousand Oaks optical glass filter and low ISO settings are used to get superior photos of the sun. If you get a chance, please check out the photos on my site. Showing cool spots as well as the Venus transit last June. Good luck with your photography. Clear skies brother.
  7. a collection of photos by Sunset Observatory and my travels
  8. Meade's scopes and mounts were great back in the day (middle to late 80's). As far as their newest LX850, had a deposit down for thirteen months. Always got the same answer for them about the release date, Oh it will be a few more weeks. Don't know if they are going to be going into receivership or what. Their stocks are basically penny stocks now. Enough said on that matter. Glad they took so long to get the LX800 and LX850 on the market. Decided to go with the Celestron CG Pro mount. Meade in the best day has nothing on this mount
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