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  1. mantoast


    So do you think I would be better off buying a ring for my Canon Power Shot SX10 to attach it to the scope, so I can use the 20X optical zoom on it?
  2. mantoast


    As Im in a apartment, I've had to open my windows and point my scope out to view objects, but for the first time lastnight I took it to a friends and sat in the back garden on a great clear sky and WOW. To say its a cheap £40 telescope, I couldnt believe what I could see on the moon. This has really got me hooked into wanting to taking photos. I used my 9mm Eyepiece and a 3X Barlow lens, and WOW.... I could see everything. Also... a side question... if I got a webcam would I only see the moon at normal size? and if I zoomed in would it just be digital zoom?
  3. I do like........ Very nice work!
  4. Hi guys and girls... Well I've not even had my scope more than a week and I've got the bug.... but I would like to starting taking some snaps of the moon. My scope is not great but its has a standard 1.25" eye hole, so I dont mind spending a little on kit to take some photos, as I will be able to use the same kit on a new telescope that I plan to buy in some months/year down the line. So my question is do I just get a webcam with a 1.25" converter or do you know if i can buy a converter for camera (Canon Power Show SX10 thats uses a 52mm thread) Tom
  5. Same thing happend to me two days ago.... I've only got a cheap £40 scope, but at least it will start me off. But im already hooked, i've spent today looking at kit on the internet, and looking at a webcam to hook up to it. I cant see myself buying anything yet, but its great fun window shopping...
  6. thats a great photo! I think I will have that as my desktop wallpaper!
  7. Very nice.... not that I know much, but I would be more than happy with a shot like that!
  8. ahhhhhhh thats what im after, I under stand now.............. it helps to have nice pictures hehehehe. Thanks alot dudes
  9. I will check the URL out later mike as the sky has ended its show for the tonight.... so I think im going to call it a night... I've already had the joy of setting up my view finder and thats working great now. Thanks for you help so far guys. I will post again tomorrow once I've had another go. Tom EDIT: Mike, I've done the 52º part ok, I just wanted to know what part should be facing north.... but that info might be in the above URL that I will check later. Thanks again Tom
  10. Ok I think im half way there... Do you mean Loosen this? So I take it I turn the mount around to point where the Polar star would be. (Also I cant see Polar star from my flat, so can I just point it north with a compass) also what part needs to go north? the crank thats sticking out the back of (A) or the other side?
  11. I need my first bit of help, and remember I have a very cheap telescope and know NOTHING. In my book it has a page on settings up “Handling Latitude” it says:
  12. sods law, when you want clouds they go, and when you want them to go, they stay!
  13. Me Too, first night I got my telescope I could not use it, and lastnight I only got a 1 hour window. Hope tonight is better!
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