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  1. Hey thanks heaps guys, glad it has been read widely and well received It has had me doing radio, newspaper and TV interviews all over the place, S&T and most science websites ..whirlwind micro astro stardom... I was even interviewed live on Australian morning television from my observatory last Thursday...much fun Cheers Mike
  2. That is a fine M33 Francis, never imaged it myself, probably because from 35S it doesn't get very high above the horizon, would love to have a go some day Mike
  3. Thanks for looking guys seems some can see the feature and some say they can't, it looks pretty obvious to me on my monitor, strange Mike
  4. This is a modest size (7' X 6') but beautiful multi fine arm face on spiral, with a small companion galaxy, in Eridanus Taken with the AG12 at F3.8 and Starlightxpress H694 with SX OAG http://www.pbase.com/strongmanmike2002/image/153087329/original Looking closely at the colour image I noticed a very faint structure protruding form the side of NGC 1232 so I enhanced and lifted the contrast here: http://www.pbase.com/strongmanmike2002/image/153087957/original Not really quite sure what I was seeing I looked at it side by side with a very deep enhanced image taken by the UK Schmidt at Sidin
  5. Thanks Mr Dwarf Hi Dave Yes usually that is the mantra but with this little Starlightxpress gem and always dithering my subs it doesn't really apply, my processing has become so easy I really enjoyed surfing your web site, many laughs to be had I must say Mike
  6. Cheers guys and ummm? nooo, I don't think I haaave Mike Mike
  7. What? not a galaxy...? he he Ok this was just a quicky at the end of the night, just cause.... Hey I've imaged the Tarantula a few times before (haven't we all down under?) buuut it was still and clear with no moon (not that this made much difference with NB) and the seeing was quite good around 3.30am when I was planning to finish up, sooo thought ahh what the heck. It's less than 1.5hrs total only in SII Ha OIII on a nebula 165 000 light years away. ...different?...you might need to look at it for a while..then it might start to grow on you Full Frame: http://www.pbase.com/strongmanmike2
  8. Cheers Olly, you know what I mean huh? Looks so obvious too Mike Hi Tom yes the 4th jet is very faint but it can be seen juuust starting to show through in my high contrast data...? http://www.pbase.com/strongmanmike2002/image/152760644/original Thanks for looking everyone Mike
  9. I have always wanted to point the AG12 at this galaxy to try and pick up these curious faint features. One of these very faint optical "Jets" associated with NGC1097 was first suspected on UK Schmidt plates in 1974 and only confirmed in 1975 with the 4m Blanco telescope at Cerro Tololo observatory in Chile The best evidence based on spectra of the jets and computer simulations suggest that the jets represent the captured remains of a dwarf galaxy that passed through the inner regions of NGC 1097′s disk a loooong time ago. Unlike some other images I have seen of NGC1097 and these jets, I ha
  10. Cheers guys, galaxies sprinkled across a frame always looks good Mike
  11. Thanks Marks Mark the galaxy hunter - it's a nice mixed morphology this cluster so makes for a nice image, the galaxies are still quite small though so you really needs some decent resolution to make it worthwhile. Mike
  12. At 200 Million Ltys distance this was another test of the resolving power of the AG12 with its modest FL of 1120mm when coupled with the beaut little SX camera and OAG The largest and brightest galaxy in the group is the big elliptical IC 4765 at 3.2' X 1.8' and Mag 12.4, all other galaxies are under 2' in size and most are less than 1' (luckily the seeing cooperated) and very faint Galactic Cirrus dust covers the whole field too ABELL 805 (central area): http://www.pbase.com/strongmanmike2002/image/152595656/original Galaxy Chain in ABELL805: http://www.pbase.com/strongmanmike2002/image/15259
  13. Congratulations Tom, your awarded image was fantastic. Glad you had a nice evening too and that's very cool that you met Attila and Jane, Attila and I have been good astro friends a long time Yes I have my three short-listed images in the Year Book Cheers Mike
  14. Cool, nice to hear that Ludd and thanks for the nice feedback Mike
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