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  1. Hi there. Nice dark skies in Northumberland for you anyway
  2. I'm new to this game and this feature is high on my list to try and see. Seen lots of pictures of it and it always looks stunning.
  3. I think i read the Revelations were the same as the Celestrons iirc but i guess all three could be re-brands without having a check to see. Well the binos have arrived. The build quality seems about right for the price. They dont exactly scream quality at you but they seem solid enough, actually a bit lighter than i expected. The case and strap do seem rather cheap but yet adequaite i suppose. Only had a quick look through in daylight so far and everything seems fine. Unfortunately i appear to have bought the wrong mounting for the camera. I one i've got is suitable for a compact but not a dslr. Thinking of getting the Baader Microstage II which looks like what i should have bought in the first place...DOH! Tried them mounted on a cheap old tripod i had lying around and i dont think its gonna be up to the job...something sturdier required i reckon. I'll be back with a first light review.... if i ever get any clear skies again! Cheers.
  4. Thanks for the welcome! Already had Stellarium on the desktop, mainly to identify the radiants of meteor showers which i'm interested in. Now got it on the phone which will be very useful i'm sure. Also got an app called sky safari that i saw recommended in a thread on comet panstarrs and i have to say it looks very good indeed. Nice to see one or two fellow Geordies about! I do get out of Tyneside for some dark skies up in northumberland occaisionally and i cant wait to try the new kit out there. Thanks again for the welcome!
  5. Hi, Just joined, thought i'd say hi. I've been into photography for a while now but the other week whilst waiting for the full moon to rise i pointed the lens at the Orion Nebula and grabbed a pic which i was really surpised at as it had loads more detail than i expected given my kit and the light polluted location. I think i've been bitten by something now! I do hope its not that "aperture fever" i've been reading about! So i've bought some 20x80 binos as a scope isnt really practical for me right now. I'm looking forward to getting to know the stars a bit more thoroughly than my current passing knowledge and this seems like a great place for advice and resources. Cheers all.
  6. Hi all, My first post in here. I was waiting for the full moon to come up the other week in order to photograph it. So i thought i'd point the camera (EOS 60D) at the Orion nebula with a 250mm lens on it and see what i got. To my surprise (as i'd never tried anything other than 15mm wide field shots of stars) i could actually see the nebula and make out some colours. I was quite pleased. i've often toyed with the idea of getting a 'scope but due to the amount of LP where i live coupled with other reasons i's always shied away. So after doing a bit of reading of some of the excellent threads on these forums i decided to get some big binos as a compromise. Obviously i would have liked some top draw Swarovski's or similar but out of my price range sadly. I looked at 15x70's first but in the end decided to go for that bit of extra mag. In the end it came down to either the Revelations or the Konus. I opted for the Konus ones in the end (though i'm not quite sure why now). Does anyone else have these? What do you think of them? Anyway, i bought a camera mount for them as well so i'm looking forward to dabbling in some imaging and and i'll do a first light review when i get them, if i ever get a clear sky again! I'm fairly new to astronomy (though i do know a few objects) and this looks like a good place for resources so i look forward to bugging the hell out of you all for advice! Cheers all.
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