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  1. This is one of my concerns for my scope (not arrived yet). The store man at work has done a joinery course and we have some spare 30mm ply so he said he would knock me up a case, I'm just waiting on arrival to give him the measurements! I think it could be a bit on the heavy side but hopefully as strong as a house! I'll stick some picks on when he does it! I've gone for a 127mak
  2. Thanks for the replies, the reason I asked is because I enquirer about a reflector scope and the sales people recommended a Cheshire collimating tool for another £36. I was also looking at the Mak that was £60 more so for an extra £24 I thought I'd go for the mak! Just a waiting game now and then wait for a clear night!
  3. Hey, thanks for the help. I did it! I just bought the celestron nexstar 127 goto scope. Just need it to arrive and have some clear skies! Cue more questions from me!
  4. As a new member I'm grateful for the advice given so far, I'm sure there are a lot if people in similar situations to myself and it may get a bit repetitive helping people to get started. Plenty if help so far! Hopefully I will be able to interact and in time might be the one doling out the words of wisdom! Viva SGL
  5. My apologies for bombarding you good people with questions, would a mak telescope require collimating? Thanks for your help!
  6. Thanks for all inputs so far, it's a bit overwhelming but I'm going to try to take it in. I've not really considered photography and I don't think this would be a priority. I am a total novice so my first point would be good views of the moon and visible planets and then on from there. I have decided to go for binoculars as well ( it's not far off my birthday so that's the wife's present sorted!) and a good goto scope with a case which may limit my budget a bit. I'm still in a bit of a daze but I'm getting there and not in too much of a rush as its freezing at the mo!
  7. Thanks, I think this has cleared up a few issues. I reckon there isn't a multipurpose telescope! So I reckon a good telescope and a reasonable pair of binoculars. I have to wait til payday to order my telescope. I have been looking on eBay for a second hand one and they don't seem to be much cheaper.
  8. Thanks for the advice, a bit more head scratching! I would like it to be portable as I work away from home and would like to put it in my van and get it out when I could, so the celestron 127 seems quite compact. I think I would like the go to as a starter and then maybe work the skies out from there! I notice it is reflector scopes more recommended, would these be good for bird watching etc?
  9. Hi, I am new to this, I think I have already posted in the wrong place! I am thinking of a new telescope as the one I have is for my daughter who is 3 and is second hand! Not sure whether to go for a telescope or a good pair of binoculars? If I do go for a scope I think it will be a goto type as I feel it may help! Any advice greatly welcomed! Martin
  10. Hi, I am brand new to star gazing, it started with a second hand £5 kids scope and now I'm thinking of upgrading! I also do a bit of plane/bird watching. I have read that a good pair of binos is a good place to start, could anyone recommend where to start with these? I obviously have been looking at scopes as well and am not sure what to go for but have narrowed my choice to a meade starnavigator 102mm aperture goto scope for £300. Is this good value. I have order Patrick Moore star gazing book on amazon to help in the mean time. Many thanks Martin
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