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  1. Well, I think I may have cracked it last night!, I took a look at Stellarium and worked out its position , I saw that you could form a triangle using its position and the lowest two stars in Cass. I tried the 25mm EP and thought I could see something very faint, after switching to the 10mm EP , I saw what looked like a faint smudge right in the position that it should be . I couldnt look at it directly , but by looking slightly away from it I could see it was like a smudged star. The seeing wasnt good last night , I had a fair amount of light pollution and I had to wait for the very fast movin
  2. Have tried again twice this week, still no joy, although last night there was a fair amount of light pollution and a thin layer of cloud , I could just about make out Cass with the naked eye. Im just going to have to hope I can see it as it moves into the constellation. Im using a 25mm EP , is that the right choice?
  3. So I am still trying to catch a glimpse of this comet, looking at its position now in Stellarium I can see it should be fairly high up towards Cass. If I look for it after dark, around 9pm with my scope , would I still be able to see the tail? , or would it look more like a star? thanks,
  4. I have one on Android called 'SatTrack' , it shows Satellites, the ISS and Iridium Flares.
  5. now that the comet can be seen after dark, would the tail still be visible at these times? , or would it be more like a star?, at 9pm for example.
  6. I spent another hour in the garden last night , still no luck, I was thinking it could be because of the light pollution in the south east , even tho my area is nice and dark , but then I see this thread where the author is in croydon , so it cant be that. I was using skymap and skyeye to make sure I was looking in the right direction , I could see cassiopeia from quite early on. Im using a 25mm ep at 26xmag , that should be ok to see it shouldnt it ?
  7. will I have any chance of seeing it after dark with the scope?, I just had a look in the direction of andromeda and could see plenty of stars but nothing comet-like to
  8. I haven't had much luck due to the cloud, do you think I will be able to see it with the telescope as it gets higher up after dark?
  9. I still havent managed to get out since i posted due to the cursed clouds. I've just bought a range of second hand ep's too including a 6 and 4mm. one tip I will pass on is that if is a cold night, make sure you have the scope extended whilst it is outside cooling. otherwise the metal rods will contract in the cold and you will have a job moving the tube in or out.
  10. ah ok , I think this - http://www.scopesnskies.com/prod/antares/slr-camera-adaptor/t-thread/nosepiece.html is the adaptor.
  11. is this the T-ring , or the adaptor ? , its called a Tring adaptor which is a tad confusing!
  12. Nice post, it is amazing to look at isn't it?, I spent the first three nights after buying my scope pretty much solely looking at it. Can't wait for saturn
  13. Hmmm, thats thrown me.. Maybe my scope needs collimating...
  14. Too much cloud tonight, on the plus side I did manage to find a great spot near me with a good view looking west , hoping for a clear sunset tomorrow.
  15. mean while at 'cloudgazers.com' , its Party time!
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