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  1. Matt, I think this was a great post, just thought i'd say as you've had no replies!!
  2. Turn left at orion by Guy Consolmagno and Dan M Davis - very good book for beginners observing...in my opinion
  3. Thanks for the reply, I was going to go for the Astrotrac but then I got round to thinking i'd probably want a faster lens (already got a 18-200 mm Sigma but it ain't 'fast') and when considering the price of such a lens i've decided (almost) to go for a GEM and a photo happy telescope although I realise I will be putting one foot (well both really) on the astrophotography slippy slope! The one thing i've noticed with the D7100 is the lower than expected noise at higher ISO's. Phil
  4. Hi starmann1969, Dunno if you'll read this but I was just searching for D7100 images and found your great image, i've recently purchased this camera (for 'standard; photography but I have yet to try some astro photographs (I just on a tripod for now - but looking into a mount,) andI was wondering how you find it for astrophotographing? Thanks Phil
  5. At the back of me there a couple of sodium lights, one of them really annoys me, earler this year the one closest to me 'went on the blink' (yay) and it did improve my observing (whether this was in my mind or not is up for debate), as i've read the article i thought that maybe it would not be repaired but replace....pfft it has and it now annoys me more than ever .
  6. Thanks once more for the replies and advice. I'm currently about 1/4 the way through 'Making Every Phoyon Count' which I like to call THE book (it, rightly, appears to be the recommended first port of call for budding astrophotographists(?). So here's the plan, if all going well, purchase the HEQ5, battery, dove tail, etc, look at other software available (I already have stellarium, which I think is excellent, though I have not compared it to anything else) and try some basic* tracking shots. Is it possible to 'track' with the standatd HEQ5 or would I need to connect to a computer to do this?
  7. Thanks Robp I'm thinking of future telescope use (see how this progression of astrophotography goes first - already have attempted (to varying degress of success) wide field on a static tripdod - , therfore at the moment i'm just going to concentrate on using the dslr. As I have already stated I was thinking of the Astrotrak but for the money I needed to lay out (see above) I started to look at the HEQ5 - hence my initial post. Again the info i've gleaned from yourself and the other posters have/is swaying me to go for the HEQ5 as well as giving me pointers to what else I would need (laptop -
  8. Thanks jgs001 for your reply, with yours and previous replies the clouds (im my brain that is) are beginning to clear a little. Currently its going to be: HEQ5 syntrek - more future flexibility, weight is not issue (at the moment) and the total costs to start the mounted astrophotography ball rolling will be approximately the same, please some one tell me different if it isn't. Still waiting for THE book, as I like to call it. Phil
  9. Thanks Louise most appreciated. (Astrotrac....no HEQ5........no Astrotrac.......no HEQ5......and so on and so on) In some ways i'm glad its cloudy! (waits for backlash ) Phil
  10. Thank you for the reply auspom. I've looked through topic and to be truthful my brain has turned to mush (it took me 2 minutes to work out what was wrong with 'Thank you' in the start of this message - one word or two words - its been a long day). So to try and make my initial post less vague here is the following. 1. Is the difference between the pro synscan and syntrek 'guiding' 2. Would I need a polar alignment for the HEQ5 3. Do I attach the dslr directly to a heq5 using a manfrotto ball head 4. What power would I require to operate the HEQ5 Apologies to everyone if you seen this all b
  11. Evening all, You've all probably seen a similar topic question, but after much searching i'm still unsure on which way to go. So here goes... I will be initially using a DSLR (Nikon D7100) - no telescope at the moment due to budgetary limits (I have a Skyliner 200P dob for observing) and would like to know your views, opinions and any other advice you can give me with the following: Firstly I was looking at getting the Astrotrac with a geared head, a polar scope and a 12V power pack which will cost approx £690 (I think I have a decent enough tripod and ballhead (manfrotto) but after reading a
  12. Thanks 'Superdavo' and 'Aronnax' for your reply, I haven't revisited yet but the info given will be useful when I do - need to have some clear skies though, you know how it is.
  13. Thanks Acey, i'll try a higher power - it makes sense, it was through a 32mm ep I originally thought I saw nebulosity.
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