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  1. It is a nice shot. Worth keeping a bit of a notebook to remember your sessions... even just a few lines of details help.
  2. I tend to use a large beach hat, works a charm. Also, if your software allows, zoom to say 130% and focus as sharp as as you can and monitor for a min or so to see the focus change with the turbulence and ensure you have a focus set which does come into focus at some point while the atmosphere boils. There may be some pores visible on the surface which 'pop' into visibility at sharp focus which are a good indicator. You are certainly on the right track!!
  3. Worth the effort and a lovely capture of the loop!
  4. Also so this beast while getting set up for imaging. Not sure if the first run captured the detail yet...
  5. 45min window?!? You are very lucky!! Nicely captured. Interesting filamentary formations curling around the active regions.
  6. Great work! The weather has been tricky this week but the opportunity for clear skies worth the effort. Well done, sharp focus and nicely labelled.
  7. Great capture of the 'tree' prom! And well done on the solar outreach!!
  8. A lucky opportunity with high pressure despite the sun so low in the sky this time of year to image. AR1339 is amazing! Clearly visible in Coronado binomites if you are lucky enough to have a pair! This session's crop of images shows quite a variety of activity between solar atmospheric levels. The turbulence in the atmosphere at such a low declination is quite noticeable in CaK. Thank you for looking. Sheri
  9. Excellent surface detail! The Lunt diagonal is impressive!
  10. Fantastic images! The Lunt CaK is impressive!
  11. Lovely photo! Excellent capture of the light bridge!
  12. That is nice. Impressed with the detail on the stack.
  13. That always happens! Lovely presentation.. solar Warhol? Cool!
  14. Looking forward to seeing this year's version. Last year's was fab!
  15. That is really good and a great learning aid! Thank you for sharing and look forward to your addition of other wavelengths!
  16. That is great! The focus looks good with the single frame. You should be very pleased with that result!
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