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  1. This summer is proving to be almost a wash-out. Highs on average are hovering around 13C here and the sun has been quite elusive. Last week a very unexpected hour clearing appeared when luckily I was home to get the scopes out. It was quick work to get some images before the clouds rapidly closed in again for the week.

    These were the best of the series which came out surprisingly okay. Hope you are having a better summer where you are...








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  2. Fantastic stuff Sheri. On the full disc Ha version, what produces the effect of the disc appearing to be lit from a source off to the left?

    Hi Ash,

    It is the misalignment of the two etelons thereby making one portion slightly sharper or 'brighter' best that I can tell. Sometimes I seem to get the alignment pretty even and others it is more apparent.



  3. The rains recently are certainly allowing plenty of time to catch up with the solar backlog..... optimistic?

    Here are a few more of AR1486 and 1484 which were very impressive during late May. Hoping to add a time lapse in H-alpha from this date soon.

    Thank you for looking.







  4. The Baader CaK 1.25" is quite good although not quite as tight of passband as the PST CaK. It certainly gives you the CaK activity used with a 'normal' scope so inexpensive and worth it to see if you want to invest more. For example: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sherikarl/sets/72157630224160418/ The full disk was taken with the PST CaK and the portion of the disk was taken with the Baader CaK 1.25" filter and Baader ND 5.0 filter film on a 110mm refractor.

    Hopefully this illustrates a bit about the difference in detail resolution you can get. I've not had a chance to try the Lunt CaK diagonal although the images I've seen on SGL look very good.



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  5. Lovely images, Interesting to see the varying degrees of detail via the different wavelengths.

    Just back from your part of the world, spent last week in Stonehaven in the hopes of catching the transit..... Well, don't need to tell you how that turned out!

    Went from mist to monsoon that day... Shame...

  6. The 26 May had quite a variety of prominences on display. Not sure of all the names to describe the features. Certainly some fan or hedgerow and also one that reminds me of a double helix. What do you think? Look forward to your expert descriptions.

    Thank you to Alexandra for the encouragement on a mosaic. The white light is a two panel mosaic taken with a WO110 and Baader Herschel wedge. Not as complicated as many mosaics on this forum but I think it turned out okay.

    Thank you for looking.







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